How Can ‘Blue Bloods’ End: The Final Scene Appears Evident

Blue Bloods will end after 14 seasons, with two parts showing in the winter (beginning February 16) and fall 2024. And this is one episode where we know exactly how it will conclude (with no complaints): with a family meal.

The CBS procedural drama’s iconic meal scene, a regular feature in nearly every episode, typically unfolds at Frank and Henry’s house, attended by as many Reagans as possible.

It’s a staple moment, concluding with the family saying grace and engaging in discussions, often reflecting on the past. It’s hard to envision the show ending any other way with the Reagans around the table as the scene fades to black.

Regardless of special events, anticipate Danny and Erin to clash in the last scene, with all of the grown Reagan kids- Nicky, Jack, and Sean- in attendance. Joe Hill should make an appearance and say something touching about his late father, Joe Reagan.

References to Danny’s late wife, Linda, will almost certainly be woven into the show’s last scenes, providing a suitable finish.

It might, of course, end in the commissioner’s office. Perhaps it’s just the conclusion of another ordinary day, with Frank gazing out over the city before retiring for the evening.

Maybe it’s his final day at work, and the series closes with him shutting off the lights and leaving the office empty.

It’s far too soon for anyone in the family, such as Jamie (Will Estes), to come up to take over, unless there’s a time jump, and if there is, that person may end up as commissioner.

But none of that has the same weight as a family supper. Because, while this is a procedural drama about cops and attorneys, it’s also a program about family. And that’s where it should finish.

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