Hetty’s Return to NCIS: Los Angeles is ‘Imminent’, as A Key Character Confirmed for the Midseason Premiere

According to a new scoop from the midseason premiere, NCIS Los Angeles may soon reunite the agents with their long-lost Operations Manager Hetty Lange.

The 14th season of NCIS: Los Angeles is still on break for the holidays, but fans will soon be able to watch a brand new episode before the agents cross over with NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii in the new year. Could the appearance of a fan-favorite character, G Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell), be a hint that he may finally catch up with his mentor, Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt)?

Arkady Kolchek (Vyto Ruginis) is said to appear in the first episode of NCIS: LA, which will air in 2023.

Arkady, the father of Callen’s soon-to-be wife Anna (Bar Paly), will presumably make more appearances as they prepare to marry.

Callen, on the other hand, is still hesitant to make their vows official without his steadfast OM Hetty present.

Vyto will make his next appearance in the ninth episode of season 14, Blood Bank, according to Cartermatt.

“When NCIS investigates a shootout on a boat in which a rare cultural artifact is stolen, they’re sh0cked to learn who owns the boat,” according to the synopsis.

Does this imply that Arkady will be revealed as the boat’s unexpected owner?

Several times throughout the show’s history, Arkady has caused problems for Callen and the team.

He was most recently seen in Season 13 episodes Work & Family and Come Together.

Anna’s father is aware of Callen’s plans to marry his daughter, but has repeatedly advised him not to get too involved with the ex-Russian spy.

Arkady, who is now estranged from his daughter, refused to give Callen his blessing for their impending marriage and may not even attend the ceremony.

However, the wedding may not be able to take place until Callen and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) track down Hetty after her latest covert missions.

Long-running cast member Linda has taken on a reduced role as the iconic team leader in recent seasons, owing in part to C0v1d 19 restrictions.

She briefly reconnected with Callen earlier this year, only to become entangled in another dangerous job in Syria.

She had apparently faked her d3ath to flee a group of insurgents when Callen and Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) last heard from her.

Thankfully, Arkday’s impending return may signal Hetty’s return by the end of the season, especially with wedding bells ringing.

If the series intends to have Callen and Anna marry by the end of season 14, the ceremony won’t be the same without Hetty and the rest of the team watching from the wings.

Still, the agents face a perilous task if they intend to travel to Syria to retrieve their boss from dangerous territory.

There’s also NCIS’s first-ever three-way crossover to think about, which will kick off the franchise’s 2023 season with a bang in early January.

Season 14 is nearly halfway through, but hopefully fans won’t have to wait until the end of the year to see one of the show’s most iconic characters return to the screen.

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