‘He Never Told Me Goodbye!’ Inside the Secret Heartbreak of ‘Devastated’ Mark Harmon

The d3ath of Mark Harmon’s beloved friend literally left him speechless. A source close to the NCIS star told RadarOnline .com exclusively how hard the d3ath of showrunner Gary Glasberg hit him.

“After Gary Glasberg d1ed, Mark was very much not himself,” an insider told. “He was obviously devastated and was on edge the entire day I was there.”

Harmon, 65, was especially upset by his coworker’s untimely d3ath because he “never said ‘goodbye.'”

“Mark’s wife Pam said he almost didn’t speak a whole sentence for about two days after Gary d1ed because he was in such disbelief and sadness,” a source revealed. “He wanted to be close to Pam, but he didn’t want to talk about what had happened.”

Glasberg d1ed in his sleep in September 2016 at the age of 50.

But the d3ath of his friend was not his only ordeal; the CBS star also underwent secret surgery, which resulted in extreme weight loss.

“He isn’t sick,” a source told RadarOnline .com previously. “He had knee surgery about a year ago. It was a previous football injury.”

“He has lost weight as a result of his difficult rehabilitation,” the insider continued. But he’s doing fantastic.”

When Harmon was photographed for the first time in 250 days earlier this year, he appeared gaunt.

According to sources, losing his Heisman Trophy-winning father Tom to a fatal heart att4ck in March 1990 has left him concerned about his health.

“Losing his father in an instant like that, when he seemed to be the picture of health, seems to have rattled him to this day,” a source said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he believes he’ll d1e of heart disease soon, just like his father!”

Fortunately for Harmon, Dr. Stuart Fischer of New York Internists told that genetics “plays a small role in the prevalence of heart disease.”

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