Goodbye Ducky: Which NCIS Veterans Should Return for Unavoidable David McCallum Tribute?


In light of David McCallum’s death, NCIS Season 21 has the task of honoring his legacy as Ducky Mallard. If the show decides to say goodbye to the character in a memorial episode, it must include significant series veterans. Who should return to pay respects to Ducky? Please share your thoughts in the poll below.

Mark Harmon – Gibbs

In the Season 18 finale, Gibbs’ boat explodes. In Season 19, he stays in Alaska after solving a case. Executive Producer Binder hinted Gibbs is in limbo, waiting for duty. A fitting call to duty: bidding farewell to his friend Duck in D.C.

Michael Weatherly – Tony Dinozzo

Weatherly’s last appearance on NCIS was in the Season 13 finale, which revealed Tony’s daughter with Ziva. Despite hints of a return, it has not occurred, even following Bull’s cancellation. Tony and Tali probably reunited with Ziva in late Season 17. Their participation in any Ducky-related memory would be appreciated by fans.

Pauley Perrette – Abby Sciuto

Perrette’s NCIS career ended in May 2018 after 15 seasons. Abby created a charity for homeless women after Reeves’ sacrifice. She traveled to London with his body before starting a new chapter. Her love for science would likely be acknowledged in any farewell episode, even if she doesn’t interact with Gibbs.

Cote de Pablo – Ziva David

Ziva left NCIS in Season 11 after 8 seasons, but she returned in the Season 16 finale and appeared again in Season 17. Gibbs assisted her before she reunited with Tony and Tali. Ziva intended to secure their safety once they were settled. It would be appropriate for Tony and Ziva to honor Ducky together.

Emily Wickersham – Ellie Bishop

In the Season 18 finale, Gibbs made his farewell appearance, following Rule 91: “When you walk away, don’t look back.” Special Agent Bishop abruptly left NCIS to pursue a covert mission for Odette. While it would be lovely to have Ellie return, one cameo appearance may not be enough to wrap up Nick’s plot.

Maria Bello – Dr. ‘Jack’ Sloane

Bello’s final appearance as Jack Sloane aired in March 2021, concluding her three-season run. Jack hinted of retiring to Costa Rica, but he remained in Afghanistan to safeguard females from Taliban abduction. Her connection to Ducky’s transformation suggests that we may hear from her again.

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  1. Would really be nice to see most of the original cast who were “Gibbs Team” to pay tribute to “Ducky Mallard”, with the exception of “characters” that were killed off.

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