Gibbs Was Most Devastated by a Single Death on NCIS!


The transition between “NCIS” seasons 9 and 10 is one of the series’ most memorable. Season nine ended with the NCIS agency being bombed by a t3rr0rist, as long-time fans of the show will recall. The surprise att4ck was followed by an even more heartbreaking scene in which beloved character Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard d1ed of a heart att4ck. One d3ath, however, devastated Special Agent Gibbs the most during a season 10 episode.

Looper reminds us that Dr. Mallard’s successful recovery, as well as the rebuilding of NCIS, occurred in season 10. The season, however, featured a number of memorable episodes and storylines, with Gibbs and FBI Agent Tobias Fornell’s ex-wife Diane even joining the two men on an inter-agency investigation.

However, it isn’t until Gibbs goes to dinner at Jackie and Director Leon Vance’s house that true tragedy occurs.

‘NCIS’ Loses Two Vibrant Characters

Gibbs joins Vance and Jackie for dinner one evening, accompanied by Ziva David’s father, Mossad Director Eli David, and Ziva David herself. A drive-by shooting occurs after everyone has sat down to eat. Once the chaos of gunfire subsides, viewers learn that Jackie Vance and Eli David are both d3ad.


Fans of “NCIS” mourned Jackie Vance’s d3ath alongside Leon, but it was Special Agent Gibbs who was truly devastated. Longtime fans will recall that Gibbs’ first wife and love Shannon, as well as his only daughter Kelly, d1ed in a similar fashion.

In the episode, Ziva sobbed over her father’s d3ad body while Gibbs waited in a hospital waiting room for news on Jackie’s condition. Looper emphasizes the tears welling up in Gibbs’ eyes as Vance experiences the same loss he did so many years ago.

Gibbs is arrested as a result of Jackie’s d3ath.

When it comes to matters of personal interest, Gibbs has always worked both inside and outside the law. And this time, that involvement results in the arrest of the “NCIS” agent following the d3ath of Jackie Vance. Gibbs loses his cool with Mossad Deputy Director Ilan Bodnar in an attempt to avenge Jackie’s murd3r and Leon’s d3ath.


During an interrogation, his rage consumes him. Gibbs shoves Bodnar against the wall, a tactic the agent has used previously. However, this level of personal involvement has never been seen before.

Finally, we discover that Bodnar did, in fact, hire the hit on Eli David. Unfortunately, Jackie Vance’s d3ath was simply a byproduct of that order.

As Gibbs becomes too involved in the investigation, the Department of Homeland Security orders him to step back. Gibbs, always one to go with his instincts, disregards the order and is later arrested for obstructing justice.

Despite this, Vance, Ziva, and the rest of the team support Gibbs, the “NCIS” director hiring a reputable attorney for the much-loved special agent.

As we all know, Gibbs is exonerated, but Jackie’s d3ath has an impact on the “NCIS” agent that fans haven’t seen before.

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  1. Gibbs was not at the dinner, only, Leon, Jackie, Ziva and Eli. Ziva had just stepped outside to call Gibbs when the shooting happened… just sayin….

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