Reasons Gibbs Still Has To Go Back To NCIS

Gibbs’ retirement from NCIS leaves the door open for him to return, and fortunately, there are various methods and opportunities to do so, even after he missed Ducky’s burial. For starters, he may appear in the franchise’s upcoming 1000th episode, which will revolve on Director Vance’s tale. It would be the ideal way to recognize the show’s past, present, and future by bringing Gibbs together with the active roster. Second, he is purportedly the executor of Ducky’s will, which makes it impossible for him to fulfill his duty while out of state.


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  1. It has been four weeks already and still no Gibbs😡 The fans are waiting and waiting and wondering if he really is coming back. I hope he will be on all the rest of the shows for the first half of the year. We know it won’t be the same part but any part will make us happy🙏🤗🙏

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