Gary Cole, star of ‘NCIS,’ Talks About Replacing Mark Harmon

Nearly a year after Mark Harmon officially left NCIS, Gary Cole speaks out about replacing the long-running TV show’s former lead.

Cole discussed his new role on NCIS now that Harmon has left during an interview for the show’s Season 19 DVD box set, according to Parade. “I guess I’m the new guy,” Cole explained. Despite the fact that Katrina [Law] is almost as new as I am, we are having a good time. I think we found the right balance of being able to be loose and fun with each other and then get down to business when we needed to.”

The NCIS castmate also stated that with the upcoming season, the production needs to laugh as well as have some serious moments. “You need to let go of some of that pent-up anxiety or whatever you want to call it.” That, I believe, we have accomplished. It’s a pleasant place to work. To put it another way,

Cole’s comments come just days after Entertainment Tonight reported that the Season 19 DVD box set of NCIS includes a special interview with Harmon, in which he discusses his character’s official retirement. “The character I play has always drawn me here,” Harmon explained. “And to keep it interesting and challenging.” This character has chosen the path that it has. I thought it was honest and fine.”

‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Talks About Her ‘Favorite’ Show Script

Meanwhile, Katrina Law, another NCIS star, reveals her favorite script for the action-packed show. “So far, my favorite script is the one where we’re all in a boat,” Law recalls. The NCIS star noted that it was the first time that everyone saw the team come together after Gibbs to become what it is now.

“It was the first time [Cole’s] Alden Parker accepted us and claimed us as his own, putting himself in danger for his team,” Law adds. “I believe that was a pivotal moment for the show going forward because it demonstrated, ‘Yes, we are a team.'” We care about each other, and we will eventually love each other as a dysfunctional little family.”

Meanwhile, executive producer Scott Williams discussed the “old family” vibe that the NCIS audience experienced in Season 19. “It’s entertaining for our audience to believe that the old family is still present.” We can tell new stories while paying homage and respect to those who have gone before us.”

The NCIS Season 19 DVD box set will contain all 21 episodes from the show’s most recent season, as well as 45 minutes of special features and behind-the-scenes footage.

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