Fans of ‘NCIS’ Are Perplexed by This Long-Forgotten Storyline Involving Emily Wickersham’s Bishop

NCIS fans recently took to Reddit to talk about a forgotten storyline involving Eleanor Bishop.

On Sunday, a user known as @Kimber107 started a thread in which she asked a few questions about Emily Wickersham’s character.

“Does the Bishop and Odette thing ever get properly explained?” wrote one user.

They then asked some follow-up questions. “Like, they just kinda jumped season 18 episode 16 on us like a loose cannon while the show was building up Bishop and Odette’s secret training thing.” So I’m just curious if it’s ever explained what Bishop is doing/where she’s going/why she stole those documents?”

Other users responded quickly. “Never, my dear friend,” one user named @Express-Guess3191 wrote. “They just showed her how to fly one day and that was the end of it.” “However, Nick implies it is CIA or something of that sort…” they added.

“They first showed them meeting during that episode ‘Her’ or ‘She,’ whatever it is called,” another Redditor wrote. I guess they kept meeting up after that, and when Ziva returned.”

Another user mentioned that writers could still tie up the situation. “I’m assuming (for the time being) that it will be resolved soon.” They wrote Bishop off because the actress needed a break, but I don’t see why she couldn’t return for an episode or two to finish up this plotline in the future.”

One user speculated that it could be about Wickersham’s personal life. “They dropped Bishop because the actress needed a break.” Maybe it was Emily’s baby in December 2021.”

Fans of ‘NCIS’ Discuss the Forgotten Bishop Plotline

The user who brought up Wickersham’s pregnancy went on to make another comment.

“As far as I know, Bishop and Odette continued to meet after their first meeting, and it culminated in the S18 finale, where being a disgraced NCIS agent was required for her to become a CIA operative for a mission.”

Another user explained why the plot seemed strange to them. “I’ve always thought it was odd that this storyline seemed to be completely dropped after Ziva’s appearance (mid-season 17) and then reappears at the end of Season 18.”

Wickersham, in any case, should not be expected to return to NCIS. She announced her departure from the series on Instagram in May 2021.

In her caption, she remembered her castmates, crew members, and her decade on the set of the show.

“Hang up this hat and jacket.” “What a fantastic ride,” the actress wrote. “This cast and crew are fantastic. I can’t say enough nice things about this group, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working for nearly 8 years and 172 episodes. This industry is finicky and strange, and consistency is rare. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a show where I got to show up, act, laugh, and learn alongside wonderful people. I’ll never forget that moment in time. Thank you, CBS and NCIS, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of television history. Time flies by. Consume it, but chew slowly.”

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