Fans of Mark Harmon Never Knew These Shocking Facts About Him


Mark Harmon, well known for his role as Gibbs on NCIS, remains a television presence despite his antipathy to Hollywood gossip. Here’s a look at his remarkable life:

Family of Stars: Harmon hails from a lineage of entertainers, including his father, a football player and sports caster, and his sister Kristen, who married Rick Nelson of “Ozzy and Harriet” fame. His wife, Pam Dauber, is also a seasoned actress.

Unconventional Start: Contrary to his creative background, Harmon began his career as a carpenter and shoe salesman before becoming an actor.

Rough Beginnings: Despite being cast in leading roles early on, many of Harmon’s shows didn’t last. His breakthrough came with NBC’s “St. Elsewhere.”

Almost a Football Star: Harmon excelled as a quarterback for UCLA and drew NFL attention but opted for acting.

Real-Life Hero: Harmon demonstrated courage and compassion when he saved two adolescents from a flaming automobile near his home in 1996.

Family Man: Harmon’s devotion to family shines through his enduring marriage to Pam Dauber and his role as a father to their two sons.

Sexiest Man Alive: Mark Harmon’s charm earned him the title in People magazine’s 1986 issue, confirming his reputation as a heartthrob.

Fitness and Injuries: Despite enduring injuries from his football days, Harmon maintains his fitness through running and Pilates.

Lifestyle: Despite his affluence, Harmon lives a modest life in Los Angeles, enjoying simple pleasures like carpentry and cooking for his wife.

Legacy: Harmon’s son, Sean, follows in his footsteps as an actor and stunt double, embodying the family’s talent and humility.

Mark Harmon’s life, both on and off screen, exemplifies humility, resilience, and family values.

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