Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ Cry After Watching Donnie Wahlberg’s Instagram Personal Video


The actor and musician opened up about his experience on New Kids on the Block.

Donnie Wahlberg is nostalgic about a pivotal period in his life, and he has a personal relic to prove it.

with a new Instagram video, the Blue Bloods actor and singer reflected on his time with the iconic boy band New Kids on the Block. Donnie sported a pair of tastefully cutup light wash denim in the short segment, which showed a montage of the group’s early days. The clip ended with him holding up the ripped garment from backstage, indicating that he’s had it since the 1980s. To honor the occasion, the singer added a heartfelt caption highlighting how the trousers represented both his career and personal progress.

“It was #ThrowbackThursday in 1988. On May 18, he wrote, “I cut these jeans up myself.” “Trying to come up with something unusual to wear when performing with this wacky new band that I helped form, as I often did… When I initially put them on, I felt both cool and self-conscious. “I’m not quite ready to own my individuality, but I’m also very conscious of the need to establish myself as an individual.”

“When [wife] Jenny [McCarthy] and I found [the jeans] in storage… a lot of emotion came up inside of me,” he went on. “Sh0ck. Gratitude. Amazement. It also got me thinking about our early troubles — all the silly things we used to worry about as a band, and the humble origins from which we emerged… But mostly, I felt a surge of joy knowing that I’d be able to share what I’d discovered with all of you.”

When longstanding fans noticed Donnie getting nostalgic over his days as a member of New Kids on the Block, they bombarded him with loving messages about the band — and the legendary jeans.

“Those jeans are iconic and should go in a music museum somewhere!” one Instagram user remarked. “They were definitely a thing, love this, you were always so sure and confident.” “Always you xx,” said another. “There’s a lot of emotion packed into this one post.” “, a different follower replied.

While Donnie has since retired the jeans in favor of less shredded clothes and has been on Blue Bloods for more than a decade, music fans may still see New Kids on the Block play their greatest hits. Furthermore, the group will perform some performances this summer before embarking on the 2023 NKOTB Cruise in mid-October.

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