Fans of Blue Bloods Are Pushing 10 Theories for Season 14

The big climax will require a few twists.

Blue Bloods is unlike any other show on television right now. The atmosphere of the CBS smash cannot be replicated no matter how many law enforcement procedurals the networks create.

Blue Bloods not only explores the difficulties of working inside the system, exposing viewers to all of the corruption and neglect that occurs behind the scenes, but it also focuses heavily on the characters’ interpersonal interactions.

This is especially crucial given that the majority of the regular characters are members of the Reagan family.

Viewers will never get used to seeing a show like this depart. However, if done correctly, the goodbye can still be pleasant.

Here are ten things the audience should see in season 14 of Blue Bloods to avoid a collapse.

Retirement of Frank Reagan

Frank needs to retire, whether he wants to or not. It would have been extremely in character for him to initially oppose the change before realizing that it was for the better. This is simply the course of life that we all must accept. Furthermore, there is already a superb substitute for him in the works.

Jamie’s PC Takeover

Danny’s lack of political expertise means Jamie will have to take over Frank’s role. Even if the position is civilian and does not need him to advance through all ranks, it is unlikely that he will do so immediately. However, it would be good to see him take PC’s position in at least one flashforward.

Danny Will Discover Love

Procedurals like Blue Bloods rarely consider a finale happy unless everyone finds a love interest, so Danny won’t be lonely for long. If fans had to take bets, they would all agree that his former partner Jackie is an excellent choice.

Henry’s Departure

Whether it’s due to age or because Henry is the victim of an accident in which he plays a hero, fans will undoubtedly say farewell to him in Season 14. Henry’s death is likely to be followed by an emotional ensemble episode in which everyone gathers for the funeral.

More ‘Joe Hill’

Whether this is a true notion or simply a plea at this point, Blue Bloods fans want to see more of Joe. It would be interesting to meet him with his cousins or learn more about his storyline. If Blue Bloods ever has the opportunity to expand the world with a spin-off, Joe would be an excellent pick.

Erin Is Elected DA

Back to the good news: no one doubts Erin will be elected DA. With her newly acquired authority, she might as well bring back fan favorite Anthony. So far, her storyline has been one of the least consistent in the series, so it would be lovely to have it finish off well.

Erin & Anthony

Speaking about Anthony, wouldn’t it be strange if his connection with Erin changed? While Blue Bloods fans are divided on the issue, we can easily imagine the writers heading in that path and pairing them together for a hookup. The only hope is that their relationship doesn’t become too tumultuous.

Jamie and Eddie’s Child

One of the simplest things Blue Bloods can do to satisfy all viewers is to introduce a baby Reagan into the insanity of this household. It’s unclear if viewers will be teased with the pregnancy at the end of the show or witness a real baby, but the family is sure to grow.

Eddie Leaves the Forces

This would be an unexpected twist, but it may be explained by Eddie’s ecstatic announcement that she is expecting a child. bit no one expects her to become a full-time stay-at-home mom, she might wish to extend her maternity leave for a bit.

Sunday Night Dinner

The spectacle must come to an end with one of the Sunday dinners. Fans won’t be ready to see Blue Bloods end until it says farewell to each and every character in the most family-like way imaginable, whether it’s a flashback, a flash-forward, or a corny compilation of family gatherings over the years.

Whether the Blue Bloods writers deliver exactly what viewers want to see in the show’s final season or come up with something altogether unexpected, missing out will be cr1minal. Blue Bloods season 14 will premiere on CBS on February 16, so mark your calendars and be the first to find out how it all ends.

Until then, you can watch all 13 seasons of the most family-friendly police procedural on Hulu.

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