EXCLUSIVE: Actress Daniela Ruah celebrates Eric Christian Olsen and the moment that brought her to tears before series finale!


NCIS: Los Angeles will conclude this month with a two-part finale that star Daniela Ruah promises will “wrap everything up on a personal note.”!

For 14 seasons, Daniela has played Special Agent Kensi Blye. She says that while the first part of the finale will focus on what the show does best – a procedural story in which the team collaborates with ATF as they investigate stolen military-grade weapons – episode 21 will be different. “We’re really tying up all those loose ends,” she said, “and where we get some incredible moments and scenes that are way more personal for all the characters.”

The CBS show will end after its 14th season, but the original series NCIS and its spin-off NCIS: Hawaii will continue to air.

Daniela revealed to HELLO! the one scene from season 14 that has stayed with her, and she credits her co-star – and brother-in-law – Eric Christian Olsen with assisting her in processing the loss of the show.

“One scene that I thought was quite lovely, and has a personal touch to it that happened while we were shooting the scene,” she said, “was earlier in the season when Kensi is telling [husband Marty] Deeks how she wants to get back to giving attention to them as a couple and not always worry about parenting or their job.”

“Deeks is fading; he doesn’t really understand what she’s writing!” Then, at the end, he surprises her with flowers and concert tickets, and while we were filming that scene, Eric improvised something that brought me to tears.


“We already knew the show was going to end at that point, and it felt like we were all light switches in a room: as episodes are wrapped, those writers are done, and I imagined people metaphorically walking out of the room and switching off their lights until the last person switches it off, and it’s dark, and the show is over,” she recalled.

“So Eric improvises the line, ‘This feels like 10 years ago,’ and they left it in the cut because it worked really well, but what they didn’t leave was my actual crying when he said those words that I didn’t know he was going to say.”

“It was the weight of our friendship’s history, our partnership’s history, the history of meeting my husband and having my children on the show.” Eric and those words brought all of those nostalgic feelings to a head for me at that moment.”


Eric and Daniela are in-laws; she is married to Eric’s brother David, whom she met while filming as a stunt double on the show, and she joked that she “won’t get much time to miss the guy,” especially since their children are best friends.

She did, however, praise the actor for assisting her in growing and changing in her craft, saying, “I learned a lot about comedic timing from him, as well as saying, ‘This is what I’m feeling right now,’ and making sure the camera gets it, not you changing for the camera.”

“Observing those who were more experienced than I, like Eric, and he was the one I worked with the most, meant I learned a lot of important skills.”

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