Exciting NCIS Bombshell: Ziva and DiNozzo’s Epic Return Sparks Thrilling Spinoff


Beloved Dynamic Duo: Here to Stay and Steal Your Hearts!

So far, the NCIS franchise has had a tremendously active year, extending even farther and ordering new series to go deeper into some of its most cherished characters and stories. Viewers were already promised a character study of the young Gibbs on NCIS: Origins, and now two more heritage figures are returning.

Through season 11, Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo were two of the most well-known and beloved characters from the original series. Viewers were not particularly pleased with Ziva’s controversial departure, which left her family behind. To restore balance, the NCIS crew was able to bring back actress Cote de Pablo for season 17 to give her a more satisfying ending.

But as it turned out, Ziva and DiNozzo’s love and adventure story was far from over. With their daughter, Tali, poised to begin a new life in Paris, the pair was prepared to embark on another exciting voyage. Viewers are also welcome to join in!

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