Eric Christian Olsen’s Three Children With Wife Sarah Wright Are Carbon Copies of Him in Family Photos


Eric Christian Olsen is best known for his role on NCIS, as well as other iconic 2000s films like The Hot Chick, Fired Up, Not Another Teen Movie, and others, but his family has also gotten a lot of attention from his fans.

The actor and his wife, Sarah Wright, have been married for over ten years, since 2012.

They’ve been together for nearly two decades, having met on the set of the Fox sitcom The Loop in 2006.

They have three children together, Wyatt Oliver, nine, Esme Olivia, six, and Winter Story, two, and they are all carbon copies of him.

Though he keeps his family out of the spotlight, his children will occasionally appear on his Instagram, and fans are quick to point out that the three are Eric’s doubles.

Back in August, the three kids joined their father on social media for the first time, and they all had the same head full of bright blonde hair that the longtime NCIS star has always had.


Eric’s children resemble him.

Eric is pictured sitting cross-legged on the bed, holding Happiness is the Journey, a children’s book written by his wife Sarah.

The siblings’ adorable platinum blonde hair peeks out of the top of the book as he holds up the book while intently reading it to the couples’ children.

A year after their wedding, the long-married couple welcomed their first child.


Fans were quick to notice Eric’s strong genes when it came to his hair, writing in the comments section under the post: “Put a stop to it. You’re just like the people in the photograph!” “Who does your blonde because it’s perfection!” as well as: “That’s a shampoo commercial right there.”

Granted, Sarah has classic blonde hair as well, and between her and Eric’s tans, the family of five perfectly fits the stereotypical California look.

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