Eric Christian Olsen Paired Up His Brother David & Daniela Ruah — Inside Their Sweet Romance

Eric Christian Olsen is not only a talented actor; he is also an expert at matchmaking. Because of him, his brother and actress Daniela Ruah are now happily married. Take a look at how Eric acted as the couple’s cupid.

Eric Christian Olsen is best known for his role as Detective Marty Deeks in the television series “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He also appeared in a number of movies, including “Fired Up” and “Not Another Teen Movie.”

Eric has had a long and prosperous career. While he is proud of his acting accomplishments, he is also proud of his role as cupid for his brother David Paul Olsen and his wife, actress Daniela Ruah.

Daniela and David’s marriage has lasted seven years. Eric’s co-star in “NCIS: Los Angeles” is the Portuguese-American actress who plays Special Agent Kensi Blye.

David, 45, has appeared in the police drama series as his famous brother’s stunt double. David served in the United States Navy before becoming a professional stuntman.

David and Eric, who are both of Norwegian descent, grew up in different parts of the country. David was born in Moline, Illinois, while the 44-year-old TV actor was born in Eugene, Oregon.


Despite the fact that the siblings grew up in different places, David and Eric have remained close for many years. Eric also acted as a matchmaker between him and Daniela. Eric said of the couple in a 2014 interview on The Queen Latifah Show:

“When they got together because [David] came on to do stunts, I’d say something nice about her to him and then say something nice about her to him.”

Eric also mentioned in the interview that his older brother and co-star took a while to warm up to each other because they were both in bad relationships at the time.


Eric thought it would be best if they got to know each other on set, even if it took a while. David and Daniela began dating in 2011 after becoming acquainted. Eric discussed the couple’s relationship:

“And thus began their wonderful relationship. Two of my favorite people…[they are] incredible.”

There are problems in every relationship, and David and Daniel were no exception. The couple argued occasionally, but they resolved their disagreements amicably.


David and Daniela married in 2014 after dating for several years. The 38-year-old TV actress described her interfaith wedding as the best week of her life because she was marrying her best friend.

Daniela and David are still a strong couple after seven years of marriage.

Despite the fact that Eric played a significant role in her love life, Daniela claims he stepped back from it. She explained that her co-star gave her and David the space they needed to explore their feelings until they fell in love.

Daniela and David had a lovely wedding ceremony in Portugal, surrounded by their loved ones. They tied the knot under a chuppah, a Jewish wedding canopy.

The veteran actress was raised in a Jewish household. Her father is of Portuguese-Jewish ancestry, and her mother is of Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian Jewish ancestry.

The ceremony was officiated by both of their fathers. According to Daniela, David broke a glass as part of Jewish tradition, and they had a wine ceremony in which they drank from a Kiddish cup.


Daniela and David are still a strong couple after seven years of marriage. In honor of their sixth wedding anniversary, the renowned actress wrote a heartfelt message to her husband.

In addition to sending David a wedding anniversary greeting, the couple brought their son River and daughter Sierra to Cascais, Portugal, where they exchanged wedding vows.

River, a seven-year-old daughter of the “Hawaii Five-O” actress, was born in the early months of 2014. Sierra Esther, her five-year-old daughter, was born to her in 2016.

The couple has cherished their time with their children. Daniela shared a series of photos on Instagram of the kids’ day-to-day activities with their father, which included learning about circuits, electricity, and building planes.

David, like Daniela, is a hands-on parent. The latter shared several photos of her adoring husband teaching their children how to build their desks, as they will be homeschooled for the remainder of the school year due to the pand3m1c.

Sierra was seen drilling through a flat piece of wood in one of the charming photos, while David patiently watched her. Meanwhile, River was polishing another piece of wood on a table in another snap.

Along with spending time with their children, the couple made an effort to spend quality time together. Daniela posted a sweet photo of herself leaning on her husband’s chest after a workout.

Daniela discussed the difficulties of raising children, particularly since she and David come from different religious backgrounds. Despite their opposing viewpoints, the couple found common ground.

The adoring mother of two stated that she and David intended to teach their children about their respective religions, but that the children would be free to choose which religion they wanted to follow.


Daniela has juggled work and motherhood since having children, but she has enjoyed both roles. She recently began her filmmaking career while raising her children.

Despite the pand3m1c, the filmmaking novice recently directed the 11th episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” current season. She mentioned that filming the episode had been difficult due to the public health crisis.

Daniela claims that they changed the scripts to reflect the reality of the C0V1D 19 situation. They limit the number of people in each scene as part of the pand3m1c restrictions.

Aside from acting, Daniela’s passion has always been directing shows. The stunning actress revealed that she wanted to explore the creative side of filmmaking in the United States and Portugal.

Daniela, on the other hand, has announced a new fundraising project with Seed Concept, Portugal’s sustainable home fashion brand. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will receive a portion of the proceeds.

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