Eric Christian Olsen of NCIS LA teases a new character portrayed by a close friend “At Some Point”


Eric Christian Olsen, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, teased the addition of a new cast member.

NCIS Los Angeles fans may soon be introduced to a special guest on CBS’ hit procedural drama. Eric Christian Olsen, star of Marty Deeks, hinted that a close friend could be the latest addition to the cast.

In season one, Eric Christian Olsen rose to prominence as special agent Marty Deeks.

As viewers learned about his personal life and saw his dedication to his work, the character quickly became a fan favorite.

He also became a fan favorite as fans admired his sense of humour and ability to be vulnerable with his coworkers.

With six episodes remaining in Season 14, fans may soon see one of the actor’s close friends, Teresa Palmer, appear on screen.

Eric was recently invited to appear as a special guest on The Mother Daze, a podcast hosted by his wife Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer.

He teased the hosts being cast in upcoming episodes there.

“At some point, we’ll be doing something with Teresa and Mark Webber,” Eric said as she mentioned his job.


Teresa then inquired, “When are we going to be cast in one of your shows, please?”

“We can be sisters,” she said, referring to Sarah.

Sarah then added, “Also, I’d love to.” “You have an amazing Australian accent,” Teresa said, “we could be Aussie sisters.”

“I could definitely try to imitate you,” Sarah admitted.

Eric then made a joke about her accent while speaking in a British accent.

Marty, despite being on NCIS LA since 2010, may begin to doubt his senior position as a liaison officer.

The upcoming episode, Survival of the Fittest, is described as follows: “A Marine becomes ill during a training mission due to an att4ck by a genetic weapon.”


“When Rosa gets the flu, Deeks struggles to balance work and home life.”

While the rest of the team is on dangerous missions, Marty must deal with his own parental mission.

Marty and his wife Kensi Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) became first-time parents after adopting Rosa in the season 13 finale (Natalia Del Riego).

Marty’s mother, Roberta (Pamela Reed), is in town to assist, but he may decide to step down to spend more time at home with Rosa.

Marty and Kensi are adjusting to parenthood, which is made more difficult by Rosa’s adolescence.

They had planned to adopt a baby, but after bonding with a young adult, they agreed to take her in.

Fans will have to wait and see how Marty handles this challenge and whether he decides to leave his role.

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