Ducky was behind Gibbs’ final escape in NCIS 2021, according to an expl0sive new fan theory

NCIS season 18 ended with a sh0cking twist for Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but some astute fans believe they know how he’ll return to the show.

The expl0sive season finale of NCIS this year concluded with unexpected developments for both Agent Ellie Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) and Gibbs (Mark Harmon). With his fate in the upcoming CBS episode still unknown, a new theory may have blown the expl0sive season 18 finale wide open.

Viewers believe they have a good idea of what happened in the sh0cking conclusion to NCIS’s riveting 18th season.

On Tuesday, the audience watched in horror as it appeared that both Bishop and Gibbs would be leaving the series permanently.

While Bishop abandoned Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and the team to go undercover, Gibbs’ maiden voyage on his newly constructed boat was cut short when it expl0ded.

Fortunately, the suspended team leader survived the blast, as he was seen swimming away before the credits rolled.

As the series enters its lengthy summer hiatus, fans will have several months to speculate on who could have carried out this heinous att4ck.

Alternatively, there are numerous theories circulating that Gibbs staged the expl0sion himself in order to fake his d3ath.

A special prequel episode revealed the former Special Agent in Charge’s first encounter with his faithful medical examiner, Ducky Mallard, before the finale began (David McCallum).

According to recent speculation, this fortuitous meeting could be the key to explaining Gibbs’ narrow escape.

One astute viewer took to Reddit after recalling the prequel, titled ‘Everything Starts Somewhere,’ which revealed Gibbs is currently residing in Ducky’s old house.

“I just got to thinking about the tunnel and Ducky being the original owner,” they wrote. “I believe I know what that place was originally.”

Since the beginning of the series, Gibbs’ methods of transporting his hand-crafted vessels out of his underground basement have been a major talking point.

However, it’s widely assumed that the property has some sort of tunnel that leads out to some sort of hidden entrance.

If Ducky was aware of his recent build, the two old friends could have devised a covert plan to keep Gibbs away from Director Vance’s prying eyes (Rocky Carroll).

“Call me crazy, but I think Gibb’s place was once a moonshining bunker,” the fan continued.

“I can’t prove it, but based on his escape tunnel and him getting boats out, there’s a pretty good chance.”

Gibbs has yet to reveal to any of his colleagues how he gets the boats out of his basement.

Meanwhile, some viewers have speculated that Gibbs was about to join Ellie Bishop on her CIA undercover mission, and that he may have needed to fake his d3ath in order to do so.

Because the secret basement tunnel has remained a secret until now, he may have kept it hidden from his team in order to keep his sudden disappearance a mystery.

Because series star Mark Harmon is set to take on a slightly reduced role in season 19, it’s hoped Gibbs’ expl0sive final moments will be explained as soon as the show picks up where it left off.

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