The ‘Ducky’ Line That NCIS Fans Cannot Stop Loving


“NCIS,” the beloved crime procedural, has captivated fans for an amazing 20 seasons with its intriguing cases and compelling characters. From the renowned Leroy Jethro Gibbs to fan favorites such as Abby Sciuto and Tim McGee, the show has cemented its place in TV history.

One character who has consistently charmed audiences is the witty and bow-tied Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, portrayed by David McCallum. Known for his biting humor, Ducky has delivered many memorable lines throughout the series.

But according to fans, one line stands out above the rest. Find out which hilarious quip has NCIS fans buzzing!

Ducky’s Response to Ilan Bodnar’s Rude Remark Was Pure Gold.

Ducky, one of the wittiest characters on ‘NCIS,’ is constantly able to interject humor into the most serious situations. In the Season 10 episode ‘Shiva,’ he responds to Ilan Bodnar’s insulting query about his grandfather with a great one-liner, “Well, that depends.” Who’s your grandmother?

Fans on Reddit couldn’t help but praise this brilliant comeback. ‘Credit to whoever wrote that,’ remarked one user, while another expressed the joy of witnessing the scene for the first time.

Some fans even proposed future plots in which Ducky’s reaction may be further explored, such as using it on someone who turns out to be his granddaughter. David McCallum’s portrayal of Ducky and his feisty demeanor drew well-deserved praise.

As ‘NCIS’ nears its end, it’s clear that moments like these will ensure its lasting impact on pop culture. Ducky’s memorable lines are bound to be a part of that legacy.

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