Did Gibbs Present at Ducky’s Funeral in NCIS Season 21? Mark Harmon’s Participation Explained


Season 21 Episode 2 paid tribute to Ducky Mallard, a famous character on NCIS, with a heartfelt farewell. While Mark Harmon’s return was not for Ducky’s funeral, his involvement was extensive, bringing layers of pathos to the plot.

David McCallum’s portrayal of the original medical examiner endeared fans with his wealth of knowledge and expertise. However, as McCallum sought more time with family, Ducky’s role evolved, transitioning to the organization’s historian, allowing McCallum to remain a mainstay without the strain of long shooting days.

“The Stories We Leave Behind” paid tribute to Ducky’s legacy as the team worked on his final case, providing closure for both viewers and characters. While McCallum’s death in 2023 signaled the end of an era, his legacy remained significant.

Gibbs’ return underscored the depth of the connection between characters and audience, encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and respect that defined NCIS over the years.

In a bittersweet farewell, NCIS bid adieu to a cherished character while celebrating the enduring legacy of the show’s rich storytelling and memorable characters.

Mark Harmon Absent from NCIS Tribute Episode Honoring Ducky

Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs on NCIS, did not appear in the Ducky memorial episode of season 21. Instead, the episode focuses on Ducky’s final assignment to cleanse a man’s name that had been distorted for propaganda purposes. Agent Parker’s team delves into Ducky’s papers, reminiscing about their time together while completing his final mission.

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