Details on Emily Wickersham’s Departure from NCIS Have Been Disclosed


Emily Wickersham, who played Ellie Bishop on “NCIS,” took on Instagram to announce her departure following the Season 18 finale on May 25, 2021.

She thanked the cast and crew for eight years and 172 episodes of the show. Despite the difficulties of finding steady employment in television, she saw her time on “NCIS” as a valuable professional experience. The parting appeared to be on friendly terms.

‘NCIS’ actress Emily Wickersham experienced a huge life crisis while filming.

‘NCIS’ actress Emily Wickersham faced a significant personal crisis while filming the show. Known for her role as Ellie Bishop, she went through a divorce from her husband, Blake Anderson Hanley, in December 2018.

Despite this, she received strong support from her castmates, with Katrina Law and Maria Bello expressing love and solidarity when she announced her departure on Instagram.

Emily Wickersham has not stated why she is quitting ‘NCIS’.

The reason behind Emily Wickersham’s exit from CBS’s “NCIS” is unknown. As special agent Ellie Bishop left on a secret mission in the Season 18 finale, she hinted to her character’s departure. While no specifics concerning her resignation are given, Wickersham’s Instagram post confirmed her departure, and there is no hint of any controversy.

Brian Dietzen and CBS TV’s Instagram account, among others, voiced their support and appreciation for Wickersham. The mystery behind Bishop’s leaving has left fans in grief as they await more answers.

Twitter is in sorrow over the ‘NCIS’ news.

Emily Wickersham’s departure from “NCIS” has left fans unhappy, expressing their dissatisfaction on social media. A fan on Instagram mentioned the “unsatisfying end” to her character’s arc, praising her acting. On Twitter, fans shared personal inspiration drawn from Wickersham’s character, with one expressing gratitude for inspiring a career in intelligence.

The sentiment across social media reflects genuine sadness and disappointment, particularly with the way Season 18 concluded. Viewers are expressing a mix of emotions, from heartbreak to a sense of loss, as they anticipate the show’s next season without Wickersham’s character, Ellie Bishop.


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  1. Just started to like her roll in NCIS, special agent , and she left , miss Tony and beloved Ziva though, the dynamics was amazing, and now Gibbs ,no body will ever replace this man in this part, , such a shame

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