A Look at David McCallum’s Marriage to Wife Katherine and Their Family as He Passes Away at 90

David McCallum, well known for his part in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., died at New York Presbyterian Hospital of natural causes at the age of 90, flanked by his wife Katherine and family. David frequently complimented Katherine, a model, as the other half of their partnership, for keeping their family together throughout work obstacles. CBS announced his death, sparking a closer look at their long-lasting marriage.

Katherine, David McCallum’s Wife, Who is She?

Meet the dynamic duo: David McCallum and his wife Katherine Carpenter, a Hollywood-born beauty with a knack for both modeling and acting. But her talents don’t stop there; she’s also an accomplished interior designer. David sings her praises, calling her ‘more talented’ than himself. Together, they form a powerhouse partnership, seamlessly tackling life’s challenges. David credits Katherine for keeping their family afloat during lean acting times. Their secret to a successful marriage? According to David, it’s all about ensuring each other’s happiness. Their story proves that behind every great man, there’s an equally remarkable woman.

How Did They Meet, and When Did They Marry?

David, originally from Glasgow, moved to Hollywood with his first wife, English actress Jill Ireland. However, their story took a dramatic turn when Jill fell for their buddy, Charles Bronson. They parted ways in 1967.

Yet, amidst the Hollywood turmoil, David found love again. While working on a photoshoot for The Man From U.N.C.L.E., he met Katherine in 1965. Despite the complexities, he proposed to her in 1967, and they swiftly exchanged vows at a New York Lutheran Church.

From the ashes of betrayal emerged a tale of enduring love and second chances.

Do Katherine and David Have any Children?

David, a father of five and grandfather of eight, tragically lost his son Jason to drug overdose in 1990. His three sons from his first marriage, Paul, Jason, and Valentine, had a particular place in his heart. Valentine, a skilled musician, had two children with his second wife, Katherine: Peter and Sophie. David adored being a grandfather to Julia, Luca, Iain, Stella, Gavin, George, Alessandro, and Whit. Despite the tragedy, his family is still a source of pride and joy.

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