Daniela Ruah, star of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ wishes her ‘Most Supportive’ husband a Happy Birthday in a heartfelt post.

Daniela Ruah, a fan favorite on NCIS: Los Angeles, will be celebrating two important events on Sunday.
Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles is a professional highlight. It’s also her husband, Dave’s, birthday. Ruah enjoys posting personal events, big or small, to her Instagram account. On Sunday, she celebrated her husband’s birthday by posting a photo of him on the beach.

“Happy birthday, hubba hubba hubba!” The NCIS: Los Angeles star penned a letter. “The best dada and most supportive partner… “I will love you forever and ever.”

Ruah’s character on NCIS: Los Angeles married her real-life brother-in-law.

Ruah’s wedding is significant to NCIS: Los Angeles. Dave Christiansen is her husband. He also serves as a stunt double on the show. He fills in for his younger brother, Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Los Angeles Police Department officer turned agent Marty Deeks. Ruah’s character, Kensi, is married to Deeks on the show. As a result, the show has a genuine family feel to it.

Last month, Ruah discussed her husband on another CBS show. With NCIS: Los Angeles on hiatus for the holidays, Ruah appeared on Cedric the Entertainer’s show The Greatest Stay at Home Videos. On the holiday-themed show, Ruah shared her favorite videos. And they all included reunions with military personnel and their families.

Ruah claims that every time she watches the videos, she sheds happy, emotional tears. Her husband is an ex-Navy SEAL.

“First and foremost, my husband was in the military, (he’s) former military,” Ruah explained to Cedric the Entertainer. “He was a Navy SEAL,” Cedric interjected.

“I remember waiting for him for a month or two at times,” Ruah said. And I recall how it felt to welcome him home. When I watch these videos of military personnel returning home to their families, I can’t help but cry because it’s so joyful and (filled with) so much love.

“We live in a very complicated world, and every now and then we have these very genuine, human moments,” Ruah explained.

Ruah’s Presence Will Pervade the Next Two Episodes

NCIS: Los Angeles can be a great way to escape reality, despite the fact that it frequently features terrifying plotlines. The title of tonight’s episode is Pledge of Allegiance. The following is a plot synopsis provided by CBS: “NCIS looks into the apparent suicide of a Navy intelligence officer who jumped to his d3ath after taking LSD.” Deeks also plans to redo the backyard without Kensi’s input while she is away.”

Ruah directed the episode, as previously stated. It’s the second time she’s done one for her show. A third is on the way later this season. It just so happens to be an episode written by her brother-in-law and TV husband.

Then, a week from tonight (Jan. 9), NCIS: Los Angeles will air a Kensi-centric episode. Kensi is in Mexico in Pledge of Allegiance. Then, on Sunday, we’ll find out why. Here’s a synopsis: “The NCIS team scrambles to find Kensi after she is att4cked and kidnapped while assisting a group of migrants crossing the border by a mysterious militia group.”

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