Daniela Ruah Opens Up About Her Character Parenting A Teen

In the latest season of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ viewers are impatient for answers about Hetty’s whereabouts, played by Linda Hunt.

The season opening teased alarming discoveries surrounding Hetty’s last known location in Syria, leaving fans concerned about her fate.

While designer Scott Gemmel has kept facts under wraps, rumors abound about a body unearthed in Syria, prompting concerns about Hetty’s fate.

Meanwhile, Hetty’s absence has forced the team to become more independent, with characters like Callan taking charge amidst uncertainty.

Kensi and Deeks, embarking on parenthood through adoption, face new challenges, particularly with the arrival of a teenager named Rosa into their lives.

The shift in dynamics tests their abilities as parents, highlighting their journey of adjustment and growth.

In other news, ‘NCIS’ debuts Ezra Moretti, played by Billy Miller, a compelling enemy evocative of adventure flicks.

Miller, famed for his appearances in soap operas like “All My Children” and dramas like “Suits,” adds dimension to his character and intrigue to the series.

As the season unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate resolutions to ongoing mysteries and the evolution of beloved characters in the ever-exciting world of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’

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