Daniela Ruah of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Speaks Out About Being ‘Authentic as Possible’ During Kensi and Deeks’ ‘Fertility Journey’

Daniela Ruah reflects on the importance of making the experience as authentic as possible as “NCIS: Los Angeles” characters Kenzi and Deeks struggle with fertility as they try to get pregnant and start a family in the hit series.

“I’d like to add that I did my very best to be as authentic as possible throughout that journey,” Daniela Ruah (who plays Kenzi) told Parade recently about her fertility struggles on “NCIS: Los Angeles.” I made a point of calling dear friends who had gone through similar experiences. And saying, ‘Walk me through every moment you had, every tear, every laugh, every nauseous moment you had.'”

The “NCIS: Los Angeles” star went on to say that this is the story of many women and men. This is because they must accompany their partners on this type of journey. Meanwhile, Kenzi and Deeks have come to the conclusion that Kenzi will not become pregnant. They are currently investigating the possibility of foster care. “There is foster talk coming with specific characters we may have met already,” Daniela Ruah says.

Despite the fact that she has never struggled with infertility in real life, Daniela Ruah believes it is an important topic that should be addressed on television. “I also don’t think it’s something we’ve seen a lot of on television.” At least not on a subject like procedural. I also believe you are combing a story that should be told. And that is emulating the experiences of many, many women.”

Daniela Ruah Discussed Her ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Character’s Relationship With Her Job As Her Identity

Daniela Ruah then stated that she can identify with her character’s assertion that her job is her identity. “I can relate to that aspect because I am a mother first and foremost.” 1st place I am a mother, I am dedicated, and I attend all of my children’s events. But I also know that if that was 100 percent of me, I wouldn’t feel like a complete human being.”

“NCIS: Los Angeles” Her castmate also stated that she has an identity outside of her home. “In that sense, I identify with Kensi.” Now I know that it is possible to balance the two and be satisfied with both.”

Daniela Ruah reflects on her character as someone who constantly puts her life on the line for her job. This is especially relevant to women who work in law enforcement or the military. “There is no such thing as a correct answer. I believe that if the show had gone in one direction or the other, we would have been forced to form an opinion on whether or not women in law enforcement should have children.”

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