Daniela Ruah of NCIS: Los Angeles celebrates on set after revealing Season 14 news, ‘Cat’s out of the bag’


Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, has posted a new social media update confirming the CBS spin-renewal off’s for a 14th season.

CBS has officially confirmed that all three of its NCIS series will be renewed for a second season. New episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: Hawaii, and the long-running mainline series are all in the works, and LA regulars Daniela Ruah and Caleb Castille have taken to Instagram to celebrate.

Daniela’s Instagram Story was updated with a short clip of herself and Caleb confirming the series will be renewed for at least another season.

The Kensi Blye star shared the news with her 1.1 million followers shortly after CBS made the official announcement.

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag,” she exclaimed, “I’d like to say, here we go.”

She then flipped her phone around to reveal Caleb and a member of the crew congratulating her on the good news.

“Here are two of our show’s boys,” she added.

“We’re very excited to tell you we’ve got a season 14!” Daniela added.

Caleb leaned in as the crew applauded and exclaimed, “14 baby, let’s go!”


Season 13 of the popular NCIS spin-off is still in production, but it is expected to wrap up in the summer.

Thankfully, CBS has assured viewers that they will not have to wait long for new episodes.

After the current season concludes, fans can expect new episodes to begin airing in September or October of this year.

NCIS: Hawaii season two is also a go for CBS after steadily building up a strong audience for the network.

In addition, despite the departure of the show’s lead agent Leroy Gibbs, the mainline NCIS series will celebrate its 20th season this year (played by Mark Harmon).

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl stated in a new statement, “NCIS, one of the most popular and enduring series in the world, and fan favorite NCIS: Los Angeles, has been hugely successful on the CBS schedule for years.”


“We are able to expand the strength of this formidable franchise across our schedule with the strong new addition of NCIS: Hawaii.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome back all three talented casts and creative teams to bring more compelling NCIS stories to viewers in the United States and around the world.”

NCIS: Los Angeles will reach its own milestone this year, as the spin-off will air its 300th episode in May.

Meanwhile, NCIS Hawaii debuted a brand new team last year, led by the franchise’s first female lead, Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey).

While reactions to the new spin-off have been mixed, the series has grown in popularity and will undoubtedly be given more opportunities to shine in its second season.

The CBS mega-hit shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as another spin-off, NCIS: Sydney, was announced earlier this year.

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