Daniela Ruah of NCIS LA: Discusses what her Real-Life pregnancy means for Kensi, the baby’s gender, and a proposal

Ruah has given birth since the original story in August 2016. Here’s what she said:
Apparently, she mistook Labor Day weekend for LABOR DAY weekend… Look who arrived three weeks early! Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen joined our family on September 4th! She came into the world in her own unique way—breeched! I was a good candidate for natural childbirth, so I needed to find a doctor in LA who knew how to do it. Fortunately, I came across one of the few… Mommy and baby were discharged from the hospital 24 hours later, healthy and happy. I gave birth at Cedars Sinai with the help of an OB and a doula, as well as the #love and #support of my wonderful #hubby. This photo is the epitome of everything I’ve ever desired. #Family #ExhaustedbutHighOnLife #AmothersRightToChoose #InformedBirth

The original story:

Daniela Ruah, star of NCIS: Los Angeles (see photo below), attended the CBS party for the Television Critics Association press junket. So much so that had to inquire if the actress, who plays Kensi Blye, was taking maternity leave from the show.

It wouldn’t be the first time the hit CBS show had to change its shooting schedule to accommodate her. Kensi and her partner Deeks’ (Eric Christian Olsen) were separated in 2013, and she was shipped to Afghanistan, where she wore bulky clothes to conceal Ruah’s first pregnancy. River, her son, was born on December 30, 2013. Eric’s father is David Paul Olsen.

Yes, she will take maternity leave, but she will not be absent from the show. “They’ve had to hide my pregnancies,” Ruah says. I loved the Afghanistan storyline from Season 5, and this new one even outdoes it, so I’m really excited for you to see what’s in store.”

Season 8 of NCIS: Los Angeles will begin with a bang. It starts with a mission that determines the course of events for Kensi in particular, and, obviously, Deeks as a result. The characters are going through a difficult time. They’ve overcome obstacles in previous storylines. This new story will put them to the test even more, and will either make or break them.

“I know we’ve seen that before, but it never gets old for me,” Ruah says. “Our writers produce excellent work. “I get excited every time a new season begins.”

Ruah discussed in greater detail how the show is handling her pregnancy and how she is dealing with it as she awaits the birth of her daughter in the interview. Yes, it’s a female.

Will Kensi be removed from the show..?

Not that you’ll notice. It’s a blessing in disguise for me. They set up starting with episode one as usual, but they held up the rest of the team and had me and Deeks, and a couple of other characters, shoot all of my stuff for nine episodes, which will then be added in post production, so you won’t notice my absence from the show.

Was it more difficult to work this way..?

No, it isn’t, and I’ll explain why. When you have a story arc for nine or ten episodes and you shoot them in sequence, which never happens when you shoot a full episode because you shoot according to the location you can schedule. Things don’t happen in chronological order, so having something happen in chronological order is actually very helpful when you’re playing a specific arc, so we had a tech advisor related to a specific situation, which I won’t reveal because you’ll figure out what the story is. I wish I could tell you more, but I can say that a proposal has been made.

Have they reduced your action scenes because you’re pregnant..?

No. They have not reduced their spending. They simply delegate the task to someone else, which irritates me. I engage in a lot of physical activity, but my inability to not do things stems more from people’s concern for me than from a lack of desire to do so. I’d probably still be doing everything if they let me, but it’s probably for the best that they don’t because it’s not safe for her.

Is it more difficult to play the intimate scenes because you’re related to Eric..?

Not any longer. We thought, “Okay, not sure either of us would plan this,” but for one thing, these characters were bantering and flirting even before I met my husband, so it was something that was preexisting, and we knew there would be a development in that. Second, I believe our writers are exceptional at not being gratuitous. It doesn’t feel wrong in the moment because it feeds into the scene we’re doing because they’re not gratuitous, and Eric and I are very serious about playing our characters as seriously as possible.

Then there’s the incredible support from fans who adore these two characters’ relationship. If Eric and I said, “We’re not doing these things because we’re related,” we’d be doing the show and the fans a huge disservice. That is the main goal: to keep people interested in the show and interested in the characters’ development.

Is it possible that being around someone as fit as LL Cool J motivates the rest of the cast to stay in shape? Because, aside from your baby bump, you don’t appear to have gained any weight.

It does, but I live in a very active household. My husband is a former SEAL who now works as a stuntman and owns a business. He’s well-balanced. He is a true Renaissance man. My husband is very concerned with the longevity of his body, so while LL is a positive influence, I also have a positive influence at home. Every Sunday, Eric and [his wife] Sarah [Wright] and Wyatt, my nephew, as well as a group of friends, come to our house for a workout.

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