Daniela Ruah Is Married to the Husband’s Brother/Stunt Double from NCIS Los Angeles

Marty Deeks, played by Eric Christian Olsen, is married to Daniela Ruah’s onscreen alter ego, Kensi Blye, on NCIS: Los Angeles. In reality, Daniela Ruah’s husband is Eric’s brother, David Paul Olsen!

In fact, Eric was the one who arranged the couple’s meeting — after David reported to the NCIS: Los Angeles set to be Eric’s stunt double. (What a Hollywood romance!)

Daniela and David, according to Eric, are “amazing, wonderful” people in a “wonderful relationship.”

Eric recounted the couple’s origin story on The Queen Latifah Show in 2014, when Daniela and David were engaged but had not yet married. The actor, it turns out, desired better relationships for both his co-star and his brother.

“[Daniela] was dating this guy who was awful, and [David] was dating this girl who was awful, and they weren’t themselves,” Eric said on the talk show to Queen Latifah. “I saw her work, and she’s this incredible, wonderful human being.” And I know my brother, and he’s an amazing, wonderful person. In their relationships, however, they were not themselves.”

Eric got the ball rolling when David started doing stunts on NCIS: Los Angeles. “I’d say something nice about her to him, then say something nice about her to him, and they’d both be like, ‘Really? Really? Really?’ And that was enough to get them talking, and it grew into this wonderful relationship.”

Daniela and David’s first child was born in 2014.

Daniela and David had just welcomed their first child, son River Isaac, at the time of Eric’s talk show interview. “Now two of my favorite people have a third,” Eric joked on the show.

According to People, River made his debut in January 2014. “We are so happy, grateful, and blessed to have brought him into this world,” Daniela told the magazine.

The actress previously told People that there was “no other feeling” like starting a family — and that it was “amazing” how much she loved “this little person I’ve only seen on a black and white screen.”

Later that year, the couple married.

Daniela and David tied the knot in June of 2014. “Just had the best week of my life; I married my best friend,” the actress wrote on Twitter at the time. “We had our son with us. We were surrounded by our favorite people from all over the world. Unforgettable.”

As Ruah later revealed to 18Doors, the wedding was interfaith: she is Jewish, and David is Lutheran. “Our fathers married us,” she explained to the website. “Dave’s father was ordained, and my father isn’t a rabbi, but all you need is a minyan, or ten men, to make it valid.” Dave broke the glass at our wedding under a chuppah. We performed the wine ceremony and drank from the Kiddush cup. Dave’s father delivered a lovely homily.”

Daniela and David’s second child was born in 2016.

“From our little clan to yours, we wish nothing but health, acceptance, patience and love to you. Feeling incredibly grateful to all essential workers who keep this world turning amidst this 2020 rollercoaster. Healthcare workers, first responders, military women and men, teachers, delivery people, grocery store staff, parents juggling kids and a job from home and so many many more. You are so very appreciated.” – She said.

Sierra Esther Ruah Olsen, Daniela’s and David’s daughter, joined the Ruah Olsen family in September 2016.

“Apparently, she thought Labor Day weekend meant LABOR DAY weekend,” Daniela wrote at the time on Instagram. “Look who arrived three weeks early!”

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