Cote de Pablo’s Departure from NCIS: A Closer Look

Cote de Pablo, recognized for her role as Special Agent Ziva David on NCIS, abruptly left the show in 2013, perplexing fans. In 2016, de Pablo explained her reasoning, expressing displeasure with the character’s direction and script quality. She expressed her passion for Ziva but felt the character was not respected. The planned storyline depicting Ziva as a depressed woman in Israel did not sit well with her.

Despite CBS labeling it as her decision, co-star David McCallum blamed de Pablo, expressing frustration. However, de Pablo clarified she didn’t leave willingly but felt she had no option due to creative differences. She returned for guest appearances in seasons 16 and 17 but insisted on a compelling storyline for a full-time return.

As NCIS starts its 21st season, curiosity about possible returns grows. Michael Weatherly’s current availability following the cancelation of “Bull” fueled rumors that he will reprise his role as Anthony DiNozzo. Executive producer Stephen D. Binder showed interest in Weatherly’s comeback, hinting to negotiations with the actor.

Regarding Mark Harmon’s departure as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, rumors persist about a potential comeback. Harmon confirmed Gibbs’ character still alive, leaving room for guest appearances. Harmon’s real-life son, Sean Harmon, who portrayed young Gibbs, adds to the intrigue surrounding possible returns.

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