Characters Expressing Their Final Goodbyes on Blue Bloods in 2023


Although there will be many returning visitors this season, fans will miss those who are leaving.

Although the majority of the Blue Bloods characters will return in the future season, some of the actors will be leaving after Season 13, and we last saw them in the season finale.

Blue Bloods has amassed a huge and devoted fan base over the years, comprised of people who are deeply immersed in the lives of their favorite characters and eagerly await new episodes.

The fact that the Blue Bloods family is far larger than just the Reagans is a tremendous achievement that many other shows cannot claim.

Blue Bloods is a gift for fans of legal dramas

On September 24, 2010, the first episode of the well-known American police procedural drama television series Blue Bloods aired.

The focus of the New York City-based television series is the Reagan family, who are dedicated to law enforcement. The Reagans have a history of working with the police, and the series explores both their personal and professional life.

Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the commissioner of police and the leader of the Reagan family.

He is the main character of the show. Other family members include Frank’s father, retired police commissioner Henry Reagan (played by Len Cariou), his sons Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes), and his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan), an assistant district attorney.


The show is typically centered on the Reagan family’s dinner table chats, in which they share their perspectives on justice and law enforcement. Blue Bloods, a procedural cr1me-solving drama, explores moral quandaries and the obstacles that police officers and prosecutors encounter. It also has family drama components.

Throughout its run, Blue Bloods has amassed a devoted fan base and won praise for its excellent ensemble cast, incisive scripts, and accurate depiction of Reagan family dynamics. The show is known for exploring current topics in cr1minal justice and law enforcement while also providing viewers with a close-up look at the characters’ personal lives.

Despite the problems, Blue Bloods was renewed for a second season, which gratified fans who had been waiting for S14 news. Because the show’s creators and producers are as enthusiastic about it as its audience, they were unconcerned about the wage reduction, which lost the cast and production crew 25% of their salaries.

Now that the program has been pronounced safe, it is time to get into the specifics and learn what to expect from the future season. While we can’t foresee the overarching plot, we can be positive that the character arcs will progress properly. Who will return, at least for those characters?

Blue Bloods cast members who will return for Season 14 were indicated in the press statement confirming the show’s official renewal, and who will not.

In 2023, who will be departing Blue Bloods?

Abigail Hawk, Dylan Walsh, Tony Terraciano, Steve Schirripa, and Gregory Jbara will not be back for the new season.

1 – Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker)

Abigail Hawk plays Detective Abigail Baker in the American police procedural drama television series “Blue Bloods.”

She has been a member of the main cast since the first season debuted in 2010.

Detective Baker, played by Hawk, is the personal assistant to the Police Commissioner.However, given that there have been no reports of her departure, she will most likely continue to play Detective Abigail Baker in the future. Baker is known for her wit, intelligence, and unshakable dedication to her boss and his family.

Abigail Hawk may be leaving the show. She will most likely continue to play Detective Abigail Baker in the future, as there has been no word of her departure. In a prior interview a few years back, the actress emphasized her appreciation for the cheerful and welcoming work environment on the set of ‘Blue Bloods,’ as well as her satisfaction of working with her co-stars over the years.


2 – Dylan Walsh (Mayor Chase)

Viewers were mystified in the most recent Blue Bloods episode as to how Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), who utilized a dangerous maneuver against the mayor, got away with it. In the 18th episode of Season 13 of Family Matters, when Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) proposed an idealistic new policy to preserve the city’s immigrant population, the NYPD commissioner stood up to him.

In response to the police department’s diminished resources, the mayor directed Frank to put his already overworked officers near refugee tents. Later, on camera, the mayor presented Chase with a bill of services.

This dangerous move will definitely divide the city and fans, who are left wondering what Chase’s counter-att4ck would entail. “I am amazed that Frank was not fired for that stunt,” one Reddit user, u/u/axarce, suggested. When the parents discover why the cat won’t let the child sleep alone, they call the police.

I understand that they frequently disagree, but Frank went too far in attempting to ruin the mayor’s name in the media. In addition to making his sentiments for the new mayor crystal obvious, Frank has made their disagreement public, which may have repercussions for the New York police. “But it has instead escalated their press war, and one of them is going to lose.”

3 – Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan)

“Blue Bloods” has featured Jack Reagan (Tony Terraciano) in almost 180 episodes, however he has been oddly absent since the episode “Hate is Hate” in 2021, and he only appeared in one episode in 2020, “Atonement” (per IMDb).

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) have one child, Jack. The fascinating resemblance between the two is explained by the fact that his real-life brother Andrew Terraciano plays his fictional brother Sean Reagan on the popular television show.

As previously stated, audiences last saw Jack in the Season 12 premiere episode. Within the context of the show, Jack is split between wanting to be a doctor and a Marine, but his father Danny convinced him to enroll in college and think about his alternatives.

Because the character has not yet been formally written out of the show and because of the information we currently have about the actor in real life, there is still a chance that the actor will return to “Blue Bloods” in a larger role once his schedule allows it.

If Jack decides to follow in his family’s footsteps, the next generation of Reagan law enforcement personnel may emerge. Because “Blue Bloods” has already been extended for two more seasons, we may see a lot more of Jack Reagan in the future.

4 – Steve Schirripa (Anthony Abetemarco)

Although the actor who plays the native New Yorker, Steven Schirripa, has not announced his departure from the show, we have presumed that he will not return for this season.


As shown in the season finale of “Bones to Pick,” which aired in the autumn, Anthony elected to follow a burglar who had been bailed out of jail against Erin’s unambiguous commands not to. The thug was apprehended for attempted grand larceny when the cr1minal broke into a car while the investigator was in the cr1minal’s area.

When Erin chastised Anthony for following the man and detaining him on a misdemeanor charge, Anthony replied, “Proof positive he is the animal I said he was.” Anthony came spotted the robber as he descended a fire escape after committing a second heist and getting released from detention twice.

During the following chase, the police officer was struck twice in the chest. He had the good fortune to be wearing a bulletproof vest, which allowed him to escape with only minor injuries. Erin stomped out of the hospital room in the episode’s last scene with Anthony. Will the relationship be able to recover from this betrayal based on trust?

5 – Gregory Jbara (Deputy Commissioner Moore)

Gregory Jbara has played Garrett Moore on 197 of the 235 episodes of Blue Bloods, however there have been speculations that he may depart the show. Jbara, the protagonist of the episode, is acquainted with Selleck’s Frank Reagan, the police commissioner, and works as the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

In the eleventh season, Garrett issued a heated press statement, putting their connection to the test. During Moore and Reagan’s disagreement, Jbara’s character tries to give his boss a sealed envelope. Reagan rejected the package because he believed it included Moore’s resignation letter.

Moore, according to The Cinemaholic, was backtracking his earlier statement. Disagreements are nothing uncommon for the buddies, and it does not appear like Jbara will be leaving the beloved show anytime soon.

As you can see, despite the fact that the majority of the cast will return for Season 14 in their roles, we have suffered some devastating losses. We might conclude that Baker was also lost because Hawk was not mentioned in the cast list for the forthcoming season. Baker has always been the most adored supporting character, thus this is a major letdown.

And here we were expecting that in S14, she’d finally get her own plot! People, keep in mind that the show is about the most expressive eyes. We will undoubtedly miss her.

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  1. Please let them stay, I never saw the episode about Linda leaving or dying her out, in one of the shows, thye mentions a helicopter crash? she was a cutie 💓 loved her. Please keep Blue bloods going,

  2. No, love love this show. I really loved Franks grandson (Joe’s son) He made this character awesome! Hope to see more of him in the future

  3. Please pay them more, the all deserve more. Excellent acting by all….they makeyou believe every word and action.
    Please keep the actors, I didn’t see if the occasional grandson of Frank’s was to return. Wish they would make him a permanent at the Sunday Dinners. New blood and he mixes well with other characters.

  4. Please keep everyone if this is ending. It is devastating for fans to see their beloved killed off. If it is the end just get everyone to do their last parts. Any of them leaving would not be the same. Let Abigail leave at the end with a well deserved promotion. Let Anthony recover and let his work relationship with Erin heal. Let Jaimie have a family and Danny at least a new love interest.,Leave pops and Tom alone. These are just my ideas. Will love you apll forever. ❤️

  5. Best television series in years!! Actors are fantastic,
    Writers are fantastic! All around, it is the Best of the Best!
    Please not canceling this series. There really is nothing better!! Always entertaining & very informative.
    CBS Is making a big mistake. I truly hope CBS reconsiders!
    Linda Strachan

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