Tom Selleck Says CBS Has ‘Mixed Feelings’ on Blue Bloods Ending: Here’s Why

Tom Selleck isn’t ready to say goodbye to the long-running police procedural “Blue Bloods,” which debuted in 2010 and will end after 14 seasons this fall. Despite the looming end, Selleck, who plays police commissioner Frank Reagan and is also an executive producer, believes CBS will find it difficult to let go of the show due to its ongoing popularity.

In an interview with TV Insider, Selleck expressed his fondness for the work and his reluctance to retire at 79. He emphasized that there are still plenty of ideas to explore and that he’s committed to the series as long as they’ll have him.

However, the details of the show’s finale remain unknown. Executive producer Kevin Wade told USA Today that the writers are still looking for the ideal finish for the series. While fans’ emotions may run high, Selleck stated that the final episodes will not feature lengthy farewells.

Interestingly, Selleck hinted at the possibility that the show might not be ending after all. Despite plans for an eight-episode wind-down, he remains skeptical, suggesting CBS could be “conflicted” about ending the series.

With Selleck’s new biography, “You Never Know,” fans are asking if there’s more to “Blue Bloods” than meets the eye. Only time will tell if this is actually the end of an era for the beloved show.


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  1. I think the show should go on as long as the fans love it and as long as Tom Selleck wants to continue it. Only he knows what he is capable of and deserves what he wants to do with his career to be done his way. The show is an inspiration to those of us who believe in good honest law enforcement. The show displays the conflict of conscience and right. It shows that sometimes the end does justify the means to something that’s hard to do and maybe not by the letter of the law. It is about human nature And conscience and justice and family and one of the very best shows that has ever been on TV.

    • Truer words were never spoken– it should continue on and i for one will always be watching it as it is a great family show that the whole family can enjoy

  2. I do not understand them canceling Blue Bloods . They have never given an explanation as to why they are doing it. The show is still very popular has a great fan base,has good ratings, has made money for CBS and has a great cast that is willing to stay plus for gods sake they have Tom Selleck who wants the show to keep going. He is one of the most loved actors of our time. I don’t buy that BS it cost to much to make you can’t tell me it costs more than Survivor or The Great Race or some of those other shows. I have always thought something was fishy about this whole thing. Somebody wants something else on in its place has some money crossed hands ? Also this show has great writers I have no doubt that they have plenty of stories yet to tell. There is no other show on TV like it. It is a good cop show plus it is a great family show.Who ever made this decision to cancel BB needs to be fired !

  3. Agree 100%! It’s an excellent show & if Tom & the others want it to continue then it should. I’ll certainly be watching!!

  4. The show needs to continue! There are so many other things that could take place. The family dinner is always such a great scene after all the trauma that takes place during the storyline.

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