CBS Makes Exciting Announcement About the Future of the ‘NCIS Franchise’

CBS has made an exciting announcement about the future of the NCIS franchise, renewing the mainline show for season 21 and renewing the Hawaii spinoff for season 3.

Though one spinoff was recently canceled, CBS has made an exciting announcement about the NCIS franchise’s future. The series, which began as a spinoff of the legal drama JAG, focuses on special agents working for the Naval Cr1m1nal Investigative Service as they investigate various cr1m1nal cases involving both the Navy and the Marine Corps. NCIS, along with CSI and Cr1minal Minds, is considered one of CBS’ most iconic procedurals, spawning numerous spinoffs.

With the current seasons nearly halfway through, CBS has shared some exciting news about the future of the NCIS franchise. NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i have been renewed for seasons 21 and 3, respectively, confirming that the long-running cr1me procedural will continue its successful run on the primetime network. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach issued the following statement regarding the renewals:

This season, CBS is continuing its winning streak by delivering an unprecedented mix of top returning series and new hit shows that are entertaining massive audiences on both broadcast and streaming. We have had another exceptional season, which is a testament to the stellar work being done by our best-in-class talent in front of and behind the camera, and I know we will only continue to build on this foundation of outstanding programming as we look ahead to next fall.

Why ‘NCIS Renewals’ Are Important For The Franchise?

The confirmation that the NCIS franchise will continue comes just a few weeks after it was announced that the first spinoff, NCIS: Los Angeles, would end after season 14. At the same time, viewers have been adjusting to the main NCIS being without Mark Harmon’s Jethro Gibbs following his departure from the show, with Gary Cole stepping in as former FBI agent Alden Parker to take over the team lead position. Despite the change in leads, NCIS has maintained its ratings consistency, while NCIS: Los Angeles has seen a gradual, but not egregious, drop.

The mainline NCIS series maintains its position as the third-longest-running primetime drama series in the United States, trailing only fellow procedurals Law & Order: Special V1ctims Unit and Law & Order. During the current season, the Navy cr1me drama surpassed the iconic Western TV series Gunsmoke, whose run was cut short after 20 seasons due to a lack of a proper finale.

Aside from the main show breaking a major record, the NCIS renewals show CBS’ continued faith in at least one spinoff, despite the fact that NCIS: Los Angeles was canceled in January and New Orleans in early 2021. With an Australian-set NCIS spinoff in the works for both Paramount+ and Network 10, as well as recent crossover events keeping interest high, it appears that the series is not going away anytime soon. New episodes of NCIS season 21 will air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS, followed by NCIS: Hawai’i the following hour.

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