Cay Ryan Murray, Sean Murray’s Daughter, Appears As A Guest Star on ‘NCIS’

The May 2 episode of NCIS is a family affair for Sean Murray (who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee), and as you can see in the photos (above and below), he’s very proud father.

Cay Ryan Murray, Murray’s daughter, appears in “The Brat Pack” as Teagan Fields, a member of a ring of teen partygoers the team investigates after a string of break-ins at Marine Base Quantico. McGee develops a bond with Teagan while working the case, and it appears that a series of events will bring her into the bullpen at some point.

How might McGee be affected by his time with Teagan? Will this serve as a cautionary tale for him when he has his own children? Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Special Agent Nick Torres on the show, did tell TV Insider that as the season approaches its Season 19 finale — which airs on May 23 — “we’re going to bring a very inside look to where [the characters] are and what tolls they’ve [endured].” This episode could be the beginning of the end for McGee.

Scroll down to see Sean Murray in character and behind the scenes with his daughter, as well as the team’s investigation.

What do Alden Parker (Gary Cole), Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) have their eyes on..?

Who is this guy..?

Daughter of Sean Murray, Cay Ryan Murray, guest stars.

What are McGee and Teagan up to..?

Director Michael Zinberg, Sean Murray, and Cay Ryan Murray on set..

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