Brian Dietzen Discusses Writing for ‘NCIS’ Ducky Tribute & Sharing Memories of David McCallum

Brian Dietzen, co-writer of the current NCIS episode, faced the issue of paying tribute to the late David McCallum, who played Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

Dietzen intended to honor McCallum’s legacy while making the show interesting.

The episode revolves around Ducky’s passing and the team’s quest to solve his final case. Dietzen stressed the importance of maintaining the show’s essence while paying homage to McCallum and his character.

Dietzen reflected on his relationship with McCallum, recalling good memories of their first scene together and the mentorship dynamic between their characters, Jimmy and Ducky.

The episode combines nostalgia with a fresh storyline, weaving in past moments and interactions with current team members. Dietzen’s heartfelt tribute captures the essence of McCallum’s contribution to the show.

In revising this article, the goal is to capture the emotional essence of Dietzen’s tribute to McCallum while also emphasizing the episode’s significance and appeal to viewers of the long-running show.

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