Brian Dietzen and David McCallum of ‘NCIS’ Chow Down Behind the Scenes: ‘Doctors Have Arrived’


With the 20th season of NCIS set to premiere next month, Brian Dietzen is sharing some behind-the-scenes photos, including one of him and David McCallum eating together.

“Happy Wednesday,” Dietzen captioned a photo of himself and his long-time co-star on Instagram. “Go find a friend, a diner, and a tuna melt.” When the doctors arrive, it’s always a good day!”

The NCIS team then took to social media to comment on the post. “If Palmer and Ducky like tuna melts, so do we.” The lunchtime snapshot comes just a few weeks after Dietzen revealed that the season premieres of NCIS and NCIS Hawaii will be crossover events. Both shows will premiere on the CBS network on September 19th.

Brian Dietzen Discusses Writing an Episode for ‘NCIS’ and the Evolution of His Character ‘Jimmy Palmer’

He wrote on Instagram:

Happy Wednesday. Go get yourself a friend, a diner and a tuna melt.
It’s always a good day when the doctors are in!


Brian Dietzen discussed writing an episode of NCIS with Variety earlier this year. “Rocky Carroll directs a lot of our episodes,” Dietzen explained. “And he’s incredible – one of our best directors we’ve ever had.” But there’s no signup sheet where you can say, ‘I’d like to do this.'”

Dietzen also discussed how showrunner Steve Binder gave him the green light to write an episode. “The creative element of coming up with something and putting words in the mouths of these characters I’ve known so intimately and closely for so many years just seemed to make a lot of sense.”

Dietzen, on the other hand, had some reservations about writing. “Because we have one of the most talented and underappreciated writing staffs on television, I thought that might be seen as hubris, and to be honest, I didn’t want to overstep.”


Meanwhile, Dietzen discussed the evolution of his NCIS character, Jimmy. “He lost his wife last year, and he has said goodbye to several close friends on the show who have left or passed away.” And so, as someone who works with life and d3ath so frequently, especially after Ducky became the NCIS historian, Jimmy was confronted with a lot more questions about mortality and the like.”

Jimmy, according to Dietzen, became someone to whom people could come to discuss major life decisions and questions. “And some of those big things, like relationships and family love, are what I wanted to get into in my episode, which I co-wrote with Scott, and so we get to kind of explore what Jimmy has been going through since the d3ath of his wife.”

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