Cast Members From Blue Bloods Vanessa Ray Wants To Collaborate With More


Despite her important role on the show, “Blue Bloods” actor Vanessa Ray indicated an interest in working more with some cast members.

In an interview, Ray expressed her wish to share moments with cast members with whom she does not engage frequently. With her 180th appearance on the show, she is excited to explore new dynamics on screen.

Vanessa Ray Hopes To Have Fun With the Ideal Squad.

Ray expressed interest in working with the “Blue Bloods” dream team consisting of Lieutenant Sid Gormley, Detective Abigail Baker, and Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore, played by Robert Clohessy, Abigail Hawk, and Gregory Jbara, respectively.

Despite not having shared a scene with them, Ray believes they have a lot of fun on set, even more so than her and co-star Will Estes.

She couldn’t envision a scenario where their characters would intersect but praised their camaraderie and the constant laughter they share.

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