Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck Explains Why the Show Has Survived So Long


Most casts do not have the opportunity to bond as much as the cast of “Blue Bloods.” Few shows last 12 seasons or more, but the CBS procedural doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Tom Selleck, star of “Blue Bloods,” recently spoke with Rachel Ray about his success. He gave the TV personality three solid reasons why the show has lasted so long in the face of fierce competition.

“It’s still on because we have great actors, great characters, and good writing.” “Because I’m not bored with it,” Selleck admitted.

“Well, what has always worked for me, or what my appetites are… they go to the words, ‘character-driven shows,'” he continued. So [Magnum P.I.] was a show about characters. I can’t recall half of the plots. Far, far less than half. And when I saw this [Blue Bloods] script, it was character-driven in an era when there are so many procedurals.”

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