Blue Bloods Teases High-Stakes Undercover Mission in Season 14


Blue Bloods is getting closer to the season 14 premiere, and each day seems to bring more revelations about the plot.

Fans have already been informed that Season 14 will be the Reagan family’s final season, so the focus has shifted to what will happen to them as they prepare for the culmination of a decade and a half saga.

According to TV Insider, an undercover assignment will be part of the Reagan family narrative. It’s been a long since fans have seen one of the family members put their lives in danger in an undercover capacity, but that’s exactly what Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) will do.

In Blue Bloods Season 14, Jamie Reagan will go undercover.

According to the report, Jamie will go undercover to infiltrate a new cr1minal named Hader (Aaron Abrams).

This provides some insight on the set photographs of Jamie that fans had previously seen, which showed him with tattoos, a beard, and a rougher fashion sense than usual.

Estes has shown a desire to experiment and attempt new things with his character in recent years, and an undercover expedition is the ideal outlet for his many experiments.

Although nothing is known about Hader as a character or how much he will play in Season 14, Aaron Abrams is an intriguing TV presence, as proven by his appearances on

Jamie will try to infiltrate a thief named Hader.

In terms of long-term goals, Estes told Looper that he’s looking forward to ending out Blue Bloods on an emotionally fulfilling note. He did, however, make a point of keeping the show’s finale details under wraps:

Fans have expressed concerns about Jamie’s character development, particularly in his relationship with Janko (Vanessa Ray). The hope is that the upcoming undercover mission storyline will address these concerns and bring a fresh perspective to Jamie’s character as the show approaches its conclusion.

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