Blue Bloods star Vanessa Ray Has A Funny Reputation For Acting Like This On Set

“Blue Bloods” prominently incorporates family and service themes.

The Reagan family, led by Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, comprises former commissioner Henry, Detective Danny, Sergeant Jamie, and Assistant District Attorney Erin, representing three generations of law enforcement.

Jamie’s marriage to Officer Eddie Janko increased the Reagan family in Season 9. Despite suppressing their chemistry for the sake of professionalism at first, their common career trajectories have become a source of strength.

Vanessa Ray likes the interplay of their opposing viewpoints, challenging each other to improve and presenting a kind side to one another exclusively.

Ray, as much as Janko is a tough officer, adds a lot of levity to “Blue Bloods.” Here’s how she earned her amusing on-set reputation.

Ray is usually amusing at family dinner scenarios.

Vanessa Ray emphasizes that the “Blue Bloods” family meal scenes are crucial to the show’s appeal.

While these scenes are popular with spectators, they can be difficult for the actors to film, needing five to eight hours of filming time, including the task of pushing food around their plates.

The lengthy filming for “Blue Bloods” family supper scenes can create a lighthearted ambiance. Vanessa Ray, among others, admits to having fits of laughter, especially around the second hour of filming.

While Vanessa Ray did not specifically name her coworkers, Will Estes implied that he and Ray were maybe responsible for the laughter during family dinner scenes.

He acknowledged their habit of laughing together right up until the start of filming. Despite their outward appearances, Estes stressed their commitment to giving concentrated performances.

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