‘Blue Bloods’ star Tom Selleck Made It A Point To Differentiate ‘Frank’ From Another Iconic Character

One of Blue Bloods actor Tom Selleck’s goals when joining the CBS police drama was to differentiate Frank Reagan from one of the characters.

Now the question is, which of his iconic characters did he not want to imitate? Stone, Jesse We’ll go over it more in depth with the help of Looper’s story.

Stone is an alcoholic former police chief who is forced to retire early with only a partial pension.

But the actor who plays this iconic character on Blue Bloods wants his old job back. He is currently employed by the state police as a “temporary consultant.”

The ‘Blue Bloods’ star did not want any of Stone’s words to be used in Frank Reagan’s biography.

Back in 2015, Selleck discussed Jesse Stone and how Jesse’s heart is in the right place.

“Sometimes Jesse does the wrong thing for the right reasons,” Selleck explained. “Jesse is harmed. I can identify with both of them. The worry in this case was, ‘How am I going to switch gears?’ because I went straight from Jesse Stone to Blue Bloods. ‘I don’t want Frank-isms in Jesse, and I don’t want Jesse-isms in Frank.’

Meanwhile, this character is based on author Robert B. Parker’s series of detective novels. There have been nine “Jesse Stone” TV movies, with more rumored to be on the way. A deal for a tenth film has been struck, and Selleck will pen the script.

A number of Jesse Stone films aired on CBS, which is also the home of the Tom Selleck series.

Many of them did air on CBS, the network that broadcast Blue Bloods. The Hallmark Channel aired “Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise” in 2015. Near the end of the series, Selleck and Michael Brandman took over scriptwriting duties for these films.

“Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise,” starring Luke Perry as a serial k1ll3r, was a box office success. Obviously, this prompted Yahoo! to discuss the series’ popularity. According to one story on the website, the key strength was “a taciturn malcontent made charming entirely on the strengths of Selleck’s quiet, authoritative, admirably un-showy performances.”

“The actor appears to have a deep affinity for the Stone character, perhaps because Jesse allows Selleck to tap into a melancholy, meditative mood that is diametrically opposed to Selleck’s best-known TV roles.”

However, Blue Bloods has been a huge success, with a large audience tuning in on Friday nights. Selleck plays the role of NYPD Commissioner with dignity and, at times, humour. However, his previous work places him among the most well-known and well-liked actors in the industry today. On CBS, his show airs at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

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