Blue Bloods Season 14 Nears its Finale – What We Know About Season 14 Part Two


As Blue Bloods Season 14 comes to a close, fans prepare for the end of an era. Despite expectations for a renewal, CBS has opted to say goodbye to the Reagans, leaving viewers and cast members with mixed emotions.

With ten episodes remaining, the series will conclude its long run with a bittersweet farewell.

Although petitions and calls for renewal have circulated, the network’s decision remains strong. As we prepare to say farewell, let us embrace our remaining time with the Reagans and reflect on their impact over the last 14 years.

Why Blue Bloods Was Cancelled?

Despite its consistently high ratings and strong viewer and crew enthusiasm, CBS decided not to renew “Blue Bloods.” Surprisingly, the decision wasn’t based on viewership or critical acclaim but on profitability. The show’s production costs, particularly filming in New York and actors’ salaries (even with a 25% pay cut), made it financially unsustainable for the network. Additionally, as the story reached its natural conclusion, CBS chose to cancel the series.

What is Known About Blue Bloods Season 14 Part Two

Here’s what we know about Blue Bloods Season 14B: CBS hasn’t released much information yet, but it’s set to premiere in October 2024 with 8 episodes, wrapping up in December of the same year. Speculation swirls about possible plot twists, including whether Frank or Danny might retire. Fans are campaigning to save the show, hoping for more episodes beyond Season 14.

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  1. I have been a loyal fan since the show’s pilot in 2010. The show promotes family values ethics and integrity. It is eaily my favorite show on television, and I would very much like to see it renewed by CBS.

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