‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Concerned That Frank Will Be ‘FIRED’ After They Noticed Unusual Behavior


The popular CBS cop show follows a family of New York cops, and later seasons have escalated into a tense standoff with the city’s new mayor.

In the most recent episode of Blue Bloods, fans were left wondering how Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) got away with a dangerous move against the mayor.

The NYPD commissioner took a stand against Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) in the 18th episode of season 13, Family Matters, when he proposed an idealistic new move to protect the city’s immigrant population.

After the mayor demanded that Frank station his already overburdened officers near refugee tents, he presented Chase with a bill of services live on camera in protest of the police department’s reduced budget.

This risky move will undoubtedly divide the city and fans, who are left wondering what Chase’s counter-att4ck might entail.

“I am amazed that Frank was not fired for that stunt,” one Reddit user, u/u/axarce, speculated.

“I know they’re always at odds, but Frank went above and beyond to humiliate the mayor in front of the press.”


Not only has Frank made his feelings for the new mayor clear, but their feud has now become public and could have serious consequences for New York’s police.

“Perhaps if Frank had proposed it to the mayor first and then dismissed it…” The post went on.

“But it has instead escalated their press war, and one of them is going to lose.”

Mayor Chase’s more idealistic approach to policing is likely to clash with Reagan’s more traditional approach to policing soon.

Alternatively, it has been suggested that Frank may eventually decide to voluntarily resign from his position as commissioner.

“Somewhat related, it feels like Frank is getting tired of being commissioner and wants to move on with his life,” a fan speculated.

“I don’t think he wants to be mayor, but I wondered once or twice if that was his next move.”

Could Frank escalate his feud with Chase by running against him in the next election?


Other fans have agreed that as the series approaches its 15th anniversary, Frank’s retirement is likely to come sooner rather than later.

“I think he couldn’t care less about remaining commissioner,” u/baitboat67 responded. He’s well-off, owns his home, and is looking forward to retiring.”

“His next move, in his mind, is retirement,” u/skieurope12 added.

“I believe the writers were hedging their bets that the show would not be renewed.” Because that was, indeed, out of character.”

Thankfully, Blue Bloods will return for at least one more season, which may push Frank’s feud with Mayor Chase to new heights.

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