‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Agree That The Show It’s Worth To Watch (Despite Its Drawbacks)

It’s difficult to realize how quickly time can pass, but CBS’s hit drama “Blue Bloods” has been on the air since 2010. Like many long-running television shows, “Blue Bloods” has taken creative decisions with which some viewers disagree.

Viewers, for example, went to social media when they believed the series’ writers had failed Edit “Eddie” Marie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray).

The most recent season, Season 13, hasn’t been met with enthusiasm either. In fact, the season has prompted several fans to consider quitting.

“Blue Bloods” has yet to be renewed for Season 14, but the show’s sustained numbers make it a strong contender.

Tom Selleck, who has played NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan from the pilot episode, quipped about the series being extended for a total of 15 seasons: “I’ve got a mortgage.” “I’m in!”

Fans are aware that the show has flaws, particularly in later seasons, yet they haven’t abandoned it. In fact, internet viewers will enthusiastically promote “Blue Bloods” to newcomers. This is why.

Fans like the show’s constancy.

A curious Redditor, u/Cee503, asked r/bluebloods subreddit members: “Is it worth it to watch this show for the long haul?” The Reagan family’s supporters then replied overwhelmingly positively.

u/David-El gave a measured recommendation, commenting: “I don’t think it’s a binge show,” they said, but they advised them to look for additional “Blue Bloods” episodes following the pilot. “Keep watching! “, recommended u/mysticwonders_. It definitely improves.

“First seasons are always a gamble.” Meanwhile, u/jjmawaken wrote, “I enjoy the family interaction aspects of it as much as the actual police stuff but I feel like both portions are handled well.” After all, people return to the show as much for the family meals and drama as for the cases handled by Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg).

u/Gordon-Sumner responded, “It’s really great, except for a few of the cast members.” u/jjmawakens also expressed displeasure with specific actors, although this did not impact their opinion of the show. Finally, social media users will continue to recommend “Blue Bloods” to new fans.

However, they all agree that the later seasons are the worst.

Redditors may recommend “Blue Bloods” as a whole, although people on r/bluebloods frequently gripe about later seasons of the show. u/SparkySpecter advised u/Cee503 to watch it, but cautioned that the last few seasons had been a little lackluster. “Yeah, the last season is getting a little long for me.” “Stagnant plot,” they wrote.

u/save-therhino said in response to u/mysticwonders_, “I agree after Season 8 or maybe 9 the last few have been mediocre with a few really good ones in there.” In comparison to the early seasons, u/theedeskdothcreaks believed “the later seasons have been kinda disappointing.” u/Superipod attributes the cop drama’s fall to a recent transition from larger stories to more episodic programming.

However, there are some internet supporters of the show’s later installments. u/WhenRobLoweRobLowes told: “I’ve watched it from the beginning, and while these later seasons have had their ups and downs, I would say that the quality is consistent,” RobLowes commented. “Great with Joe Hill [sic] and crossing jurisdictions,” u/save-therhino said of the Season 11 finale. It’s quite police-like.”

Even after more than a decade on the air, “Blue Bloods” knows what its audience wants.

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  1. Blue blood is a great show and it need stay on plz bc I love watching it on every Friday night. Yall need keep this show on them

  2. I love Blue Bloods, BEST story written and performed by actors who are regarded as :family” in our house. NEVER get bored by reruns and first viewing is always a treat. Thank you, ALL, for gibing us that “light in the tunnel” during these trying times in our American history. God bless you all. And a very special, heartfelt THANK YOU, to ALL behind the scenes and cameras.

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