Tom Selleck Hopes for ‘Blue Bloods’ Continuation; CBS Boss Confirms Status

Tom Selleck’s rallying cries and the fervent hopes of Blue Bloods fans have collided with a resolute decision from CBS. Despite the star’s advocacy and the show’s enduring popularity, CBS has officially put an end date to the long-running cr1me procedural.

President Amy Reisenbach recently spoke to the media about CBS’s upcoming fall roster, as well as the future of some of its titles. Despite messages of gratitude for the Blue Bloods cast and crew, Reisenbach acknowledged the show’s significance while remaining firm in her announcement:

“We hold deep regard for the Blue Bloods cast and their unwavering dedication to the series. However, all good things must come to an end. As we strive to invigorate our programming schedule, we have made the decision to conclude the series this December.”

This pronouncement appears to put an end to any speculation of a respite for the Blue Bloods. Despite Selleck’s ambitions and the show’s continuing reputation, CBS is determined to usher in a new era, which will mark the end of an era for this cherished procedural program.

CBS has announced the cancellation of several shows this season, including well-liked favorites like Blue Bloods and Young Sheldon. Actress Annie Potts expressed surprise over Young Sheldon’s cancellation, considering its popularity on both television and Netflix. While Blue Bloods fans may feel disappointed, the show’s fourteen-season run is commendable, and viewers can still catch it on Paramount+. The series airs on Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET and will conclude later this year during the holiday season. Fans can explore other shows on the 2024 TV schedule while they await its finale.

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  1. Why should we the fans and viewers of Blue Bloods (and many other shows) at CBS continue to support a network and broadcast medium that ignores what it’s watchers want to see? Is it political correctness that is driving this program off the air? Perhaps it is upholding moral values that is annoying the executives at CBS and or Paramount+..

    As these shows begin to disappear you can count on me to end my Paramount+ subscription (which carries CBS programing).


    Very disappointed in Nevada!

  2. This is a huge error. This person provides poor results. This is my number one favorite of the week. You are what needs replacing.

  3. There is no good reason to cancel a high rated show. If they had any regard whatsoever for their viewers and fans, they would not cancel such a beloved program. Therefore, I will no longer support CBS after Blue Bloods is cancelled.

    An angry viewer in Canada!

    Gloria LaPage~

  4. Pretty much will be done with CBS after this..
    They will cancel this most likely to produce shows with more Woke agendas.

  5. If CBS wont renew the best show of Blue Bloods why can’t another station take it over like they did with the 9-1-1 show went to ABC. I’m like everyone else just because she wants it means she is not a good producer.,and making the cast take that much of there pay away just for she gets it all.
    Thank you

  6. That Amy Reisenbach is so full of BS its not even funny ! What needs to be refreshed is the head of programming which is her. I am sick of seeing what she has to say and her excuses. The fans have begged and pleaded and no one listens. I would like CBS to publish the cost of every show on the network and their ratings also was there any other show that took a cut in pay besides Blue Bloods. Did MS Reisenbach take a cut in pay I bet not.Come on fans lets make them come clean we need this information. We need to fight for our Blue Bloods ! All you fans that have made this political stop bringing politics into it. Its my favorite show I have never missed an episode and I am a yellow dog democrat. I am a liberal I am woke and I love Blue Bloods ! We are not fighting over politics we are fighting to save our favorite show. How about an investigative report for CBS research what I ask for get to the truth or are you to afraid you would lose your jobs if you published the truth ?CBS needs to come clean !

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