Blue Bloods’ Biggest Mistakes – What Fans Noticed

Fans of the popular television series Blue Bloods have been left perplexed by some obvious continuity flaws in the show.

Viewers have quickly identified narrative holes, ranging from disparities in character ages to contradictions in plots, leaving many upset and bewildered.

One of the biggest concerns revolves around the character Joe’s age, which seems to fluctuate throughout the series. Despite efforts to reconcile his birth year, inconsistencies remain, causing confusion among fans.

Similarly, the timeline of Danny and Linda’s wedding anniversary and the location of their home have also raised eyebrows.

Another confusing plot hole is Jamie’s student debt, which climbs dramatically between seasons with no justification.

Furthermore, shifts in character employment duties, such as Jamie and Eddie’s working relationship, have made viewers question the show’s authenticity.

Despite assurances from CBS that some plot holes will be addressed in the upcoming season, fans remain skeptical. With the show’s 14th season possibly being its last, many are hoping for a resolution to these lingering inconsistencies.

As Blue Bloods prepares for its upcoming season, viewers will definitely be watching to see if these storyline gaps are ultimately addressed, or if they continue to annoy fans until the finish.

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