Blue Bloods actor Tom Selleck Unveils the Truth About Frank’s Romantic Life


Over the course of 12 years, Tom Selleck portrayed Commissioner Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” a character who was devoted to his family and remembered his late wife, Mary Margaret Reagan.

Frank’s daughter Erin hinted at a former relationship with Deborah in Season 11, Episode 4, while Frank’s father Henry Reagan talked fondly of Frank’s ex-girlfriend.

“There was a bombshell there,” remarked the former New York City commissioner. Despite his family’s requests for further information about Deborah, Frank refused to comment. “Hey, my lips are sealed,” the father-of-four declared, drawing jeers from his children and grandchildren.

As fans are aware, Frank does not appear to be very interested in discussing his sexual life or dating. In an interview with Parade in September 2021, Selleck addressed whether his character will ever have an on-screen love relationship.

Tom Selleck Explained why Frank Isn’t Interested in Romance.

Tom Selleck recently explained why his character Frank on “Blue Bloods” isn’t pursuing romance. Selleck noted that Frank, still wearing his wedding ring, may not have fully moved on from his late wife and is focused on work.

Any potential love interest for Frank would need to be gradually explored over multiple episodes due to his vulnerability and possible commitment issues. Selleck referenced his guest role on “Friends” as Dr. Richard Burke and suggested that Frank’s girlfriend would likely have a significant arc on the show, similar to his experience on “Friends.”

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  1. I love the show but I understand that it’s time to move on I will miss everyone in the show good luck and God bless all from my heart to all p.s I can still watch reruns thanks you to all

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