Blue Bloods: Abigail Hawk Expresses Her Absolute Adoration for Working With the Incredible Human Being, Tom Selleck


In an exclusive interview with, Abigail Hawk, best known for her role as Abigail Baker on ‘Blue Bloods’, expressed her respect for co-star Tom Selleck.

Despite their differences in experience, she expressed gratitude for Selleck’s support and advocacy for topics that were important to her. Hawk praised Selleck’s honesty and dedication to genuine storytelling.

While Hawk spends most of her time with Selleck, Gregory Jbara, and Robert Clohessy on set, she revealed limited interaction with Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Detective Danny Reagan.

However, she expressed interest in potential collaborations with Wahlberg’s character and Detective Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez.

Hawk complimented ‘Blue Bloods’ for its relevance and storytelling, as the show approaches its 200th episode and 10th season. She noted the show’s ability to address current topics while keeping viewers engaged, which defies normal Friday night TV expectations.

Despite Hawk’s humorous desire to repeatedly say co-star Steve Schirripa’s character name, Anthony Abetemarco, her sentiments reflect the camaraderie and dedication of the ‘Blue Bloods’ cast as they continue to captivate audiences.

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  1. It is so obvious the camaraderie of the cast of Blue Bloods, with Tom Selleck and his experience in acting and the demeanor, expressionism, good looks, still at 79, his smile, he gait, everything about him of course would make the entire cast emulate him! He brings out their talent along with his own, his charming smile is infectious, one would want a big bear hug from him and I bet they all get his hugs, for he is the real deal!

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