Blue Bloods: 5 Episodes Everyone Must-See Before Season 14 Finale

“Blue Bloods,” which will end its 14-season run in 2025, has captured viewers with its Sunday night dinners, family moments, and exciting investigations.

As Season 14 kicks out on February 16, here’s a refresher on crucial relationships, major happenings, and the Season 13 finale. Whether you’re new to the program or a long-time fan, these five key episodes provide insight into the Reagan family dynamic before they say goodbye.

Season 13, Episode 21 – Forgive Us Our Trespassers

In the Season 13 finale of “Blue Bloods,” titled “Forgive Us Our Trespassers,” the Reagan family faces a case involving copycat murders linked to a previously captured serial killer, Dr. Leonard Walker. Led by Danny Reagan, Maria Baez, and former partner Jackie Curatola, they uncover risks to their lives and realize assumptions about Walker might be wrong.

The return of long-missing character Nicky Reagan-Boyle adds depth, while the episode explores the Reagans’ role in New York’s political landscape. It sets the stage for Season 14 with its compelling storyline and family dynamics.

Season 9, Episode 22 – Something Blue

“Something Blue” is a noteworthy episode on “Blue Bloods,” which is usually noted for its crime stories rather than romance. It closes Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan’s long relationship narrative, which began in Season 4 and culminated in a blissful wedding in Season 9.

Despite periodic disagreements and job-related concerns, the Reagans and Jankos unite for a heartfelt celebration. This episode is a memorable and joyous highlight of the series, particularly for viewers invested in Jamie and Eddie’s journey.

Season 1, Episode 22 – The Blue Templar

In the Season 1 finale of “Blue Bloods,” titled “The Blue Templar,” the Reagan family uncovers the truth behind Joe’s mysterious death. They confront a corrupt police society, the Blue Templars, responsible for Joe’s murder.

With Jamie, Frank, Danny, and Henry’s efforts, justice is served, clearing Joe’s name and providing closure. Though the mystery is solved, Joe’s legacy continues to influence the family’s journey in the series.

Season 10, Episode 19 – Family Secrets

In “Family Secrets,” Danny’s son Sean uncovers the existence of Joe Hill, suggesting Joe Reagan may have fathered a child before his death. Paula, Joe Hill’s mother, reveals the truth about her relationship with Joe Senior, altering the Reagans’ perception of him.

The revelation impacts the younger Joe and sparks cooperation between Erin and Danny. Eddie’s concerns about starting a family with Jamie are also highlighted, while the episode delves into “Blue Bloods” history with Joe Hill’s introduction.

Season 8, Episode 22 – My Aim Is True

In “Blue Bloods” Season 8, Episode 22 – “My Aim Is True,” Danny and Baez look into a series of murders linked to the release of wrongfully convicted convicts.

The episode emphasizes Danny’s detective abilities while also progressing Eddie and Jamie’s romance, which leads to their engagement following a near-death experience. It’s a great episode in the series, with a mix of action, moral quandaries, and familial dynamics that must be seen before Season 14 ends.

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