As an Undercover Mission ‘Goes Sideways,’ Nick Torres Faces Deadly Fate In The NCIS Finale

Agent Nicolas Torres is imprisoned for his latest NCIS mission, but is his undercover alias strong enough to keep him safe?

The latest NCIS finale teaser, Black Sky, may have set up a sh0cking outcome for Nicolas Torres’ (Wilmer Valderrama) next mission.

Torres will be sent to prison as Manny Delgado in the season 20 finale to elicit more information about the Russian att4ck on US soil from an inmate named Yuri Valkov (Themo Melikidze).

However, when NCIS director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) realizes he’s almost completely alone with a shaky cover story, he has reservations about the mission.

In a new video, he warns the team, “He didn’t have time to memorize it all.”

Tim McGee (Sean Murray) assures Vance Torres that he is a “quick study” before asking Alden Parker (Gary Cole): “Is the warden our only point of contact?”

“Yeah,” Parker says. “Not even the prison guards know Torres is working undercover.”

“So, if things go wrong in there, he’s on his own?” Vance insists.

McGee assures the director that they have “eyes” on Torres, but the next episode clip reveals that Vance’s concerns were not entirely unfounded.

Torres reveals to Parker during a covert conversation that Yuri suspects him of being a rat.

“I think I just bought myself some time,” he says to his boss. “I beat the cp out of him.” Big b***d, mean as hell, but I think your plan is sound.”

Cole isn’t convinced that putting a target on Torres’ back is the best way to get closer to Yuri.

Torres may find himself facing an angry mob of prisoners if Yuri reveals him as an undercover agent, as Vance has already warned him that he will not have any backup to help him if his cover is blown.

In fact, Cole reveals that Vance has sent him down to pull Torres out of the mission, but the fiery agent is determined to get the information they require.

“I hear you, but I’m not leaving,” he says to Cole. “There is far too much at stake.” And Yuri has no idea it’s me.”

Unfortunately, Cole reminds Torres that Yuri is still aware of a mole in his midst and will not stop until he is exposed and dealt with.

While Valderrama is still expected to return for season 21, the CBS drama may be about to drop a major surprise on fans before the summer break.

Torres has already bitten off more than he can chew on several occasions throughout the series, and his short temper and contempt for the rules may be about to bite him again.

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