Are These the Funniest Scenes in the History of ‘NCIS’..?

Despite the frequent d3ath and heartbreak on “NCIS,” the writers work hard to lighten the load when necessary. And, after nearly two decades on the air, the series has certainly seen some outrageously funny moments.

Fans, however, took to social media to debate what they consider to be the funniest scenes in “NCIS” history. One Reddit user kicked off the conversation with a reference to Season 15.

“I’m thinking most recently of season 15 episode 14 ‘Keep your friends close,’ in which the two idiot cr1me scene cleanup brothers argue in the interrogation room while Gibbs watches, no interrogation required.”

Any scene in which Gibbs is pitted against a moron or two is almost always hilarious. Other fans, on the other hand, harkened back to earlier seasons and episodes starring other beloved characters.

Many “NCIS” fans remember Mossad Deputy Director Ilan Bodner storming into the squad room in season 10 and demanding to speak with “the man in charge.”

Tension rises, and Bodner asks Ducky abruptly, “and whose grandfather would you be?”

“Well, that depends,” says the well-liked medical examiner, “who’s your grandmother?”

Without a doubt, there are numerous amusing “NCIS” scenes and dialogue. Ducky’s exchange here, on the other hand, will undoubtedly go down in “NCIS” history.

One “NCIS” fan simply mentioned the season four episode in which the team went through harassment training.

DiNozzo asks the mediator about the appropriateness of head slaps, Ziva licks DiNozzo’s ear, Abby has to ask for hugs, and Palmer is chastised for working with naked cadavers.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, go back to episode 11 and watch chaos unfold.

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Joe Spano, played by Tobias Fornell, will return to ‘NCIS.’

Speaking of amusing scenes and exchanges, one recurring character is sure to make you smile. Tobias Fornell is a former FBI agent who previously played the agency’s foil to “NCIS’s” Gibbs.

Gibbs and Tobias had some hilarious exchanges and conversations during their time on the show. While we don’t expect to see Gibbs back on the set of “NCIS” anytime soon, Joe Spano is set to return this season.

However, that isn’t the only character return “NCIS” fans can expect before the end of the current season.

Aside from the fan-favorite Tobias actor, fans can look forward to the return of beloved “Ducky” actor David McCallum. While Ducky relinquished his role as chief medical examiner to Dr. Jimmy Palmer several seasons ago, his appearances on the show are always a highlight for “NCIS” fans.

After working with Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen for over a decade, their onscreen chemistry makes each reunion memorable.

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