Are There Potential Delays for NCIS Season 21..?


In NCIS Season 21, the fan-favorite dream team will reveal shocking secrets. Here’s everything we know about the most recent changes.

Loyal fans anticipated the return of NCIS Season 21 later this year, eager to discover the new twists from the show’s creators after faithfully watching for two decades.

Even though the series’ renewal for another year was an exciting update for the NCIS-verse fandom, the joy was fleeting!

We are sorry to inform our readers that some major changes are about to occur in the 2023-24 prime time schedule, indicating that the majority of the original series that were scheduled to return for the 2023 fall broadcasting season on CBS are being considered to be delayed further.

Due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike and a potential SAG-AFTRA work stoppage, CBS may need to rethink its fall schedule.

The delay in writer’s room activity makes it unlikely for series production and new scripts to meet scheduled timelines.

NCIS could be one of the shows pushed back to avoid production issues. During a Banff keynote moderated by Deadline’s Peter White, CBS CEO George Cheeks mentioned potential fall 2023 lineup delays, not accounting for the ongoing writers’ strike.

He went into greater detail about CBS’s revised fall scheduling plans, which are expected to be officially revealed soon. “First of all, obviously it’s going to be very reality-heavy,” he told.

George Cheeks, addressing negotiations with Hollywood guilds and the WGA strike, called the DGA agreement “helpful” but noted different challenges. Expressing hope for compromises, he emphasized the existential need to resolve issues for studios and creative partners.

Given the current situation, the release of NCIS Season 21 could be postponed until later in 2023 or even 2024. The goal is to resume production as soon as the writer’s strike ends. Official statements from CBS and the show’s producers will keep fans up to date on the new release date.

Until then, we can only hope and pray that the new schedule for NCIS’s return on CBS, if it ever happens, is made available to the public soon so that they can plan accordingly.

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